A trusted partner in the US
As a global multinational, Mindray is a leader in its home market of China, a champion is many parts of the world for bringing healthcare within reach of millions, and is a serious challenger in developed markets. Mindray’s products have evolved over many years, moving up the value chain, incorporating increasingly more sophisticated technology, and becoming more intelligent. As a result, Mindray ranks no.3 worldwide for patient monitors and anesthesia machines.
In the US, product innovation, reliability, and ease of integration with hospital IT systems, are the main factors in procurement decisions, which has opened the door for Mindray to many top-tier hospitals such as Hackensack in New Jersey, Mary Washington Hospital and Stanford Hospital. In fact, Mindray is no new-comer to the US. All products on the US market have been certified by the FDA, and following a series of key technology acquisitions, Mindray runs three R&D centers that are an integral part of the global design and product development for Mindray solutions.
New Jersey R&D Center is dedicated to clinical research, user interface and industrial design, dating from the Datascope acquisition, and plays a major role in development of the anesthesia product line; the Silicon Valley R&D center focuses on the forefront of medical imaging technology exploration following the acquisition of Zonare; and the Seattle R&D center specializes in high-end color Doppler ultrasound technology and ergonomics for probe design. The design collaborations have even been extended to current work with doctors at Hackensack who have been working with Mindray to refine applications on the latest range of anesthesia machines.
Further underlining commitment to the US, Mindray has established the largest localized service team in the country, second only to China, including a dedicated hospital solution service team to ensure rapid and tailored responses to the diverse needs of hospital settings. The combination of continuous research in leading-edge technology and ergonomic design, coupled with unparalleled support, ensures that Mindray will become an ever more trusted partner in US healthcare.

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