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Mindray New BeneFusion 5 Series: Redefining SAFE Infusion

Mindray 2019-05-06

Safety issue is crucial to infusion pumps when administering critical fluids. Any unexpected accident, such as a wrong dose of high-alert medications or pump failures, can have significant implications for patient safety. How to optimize infusion pumps to help caregivers better protect their patients? Mindray has always been exploring this question.

With years of deep insights into clinical needs, Mindray launches its new BeneFusion 5 Series infusion pump system earlier this year. It is set to redefine the SAFE Infusion through various safety features, and more importantly, through a brand new concept it creates regarding SAFE infusion: Smart system, Accurate infusion, Friendly design, and Easy connection.

Smart system

The new BeneFusion 5 Series infusion pump is a smart system with the DERS Drug Library. The alert will be activated when the soft/hard limit is reached. It prevents potentially fatal over-infusions or under-infusions, and enables doctors and nurses to adopt standard practices on drug concentrations and dosing units, and thus to improve patient safety.

In addition, its Fast Start feature ensures on-time delivery. And the DPS (Dynamic Pressure System) that monitors the pressure with numeric and graphic illustration can help caregivers identify occlusion in advance to prevent potential risks.

Accurate infusion

Accuracy is considered to be one of the essential requirements of a safe infusion pump. The new BeneFusion 5 Series adopts an advanced algorithm to guarantee consistently precise infusion.

With the high accuracy detection sensor, users will be alerted immediately when minor blockage or air is detected in the tubing. Early detection and early correction would effectively reduce the risks caused by occlusion or air bubbles.

Friendly design

The BeneFusion 5 Series is designed for easy and safe operation. The quick guide on the screen helps users quickly master the correct operation, thus minimizing operation errors that could result in safety problems. The Graphical alarm display assists clinical professionals to easily trace and correct issues without delay.

The total volume collection function allows the medical staff to figure out and record the infused volume with ease, so that they can focus more on patient care by getting rid of the complex and tedious operation for recording.

asy connection

Benefiting from the integration and synergy of the BeneFusion 5 Series and Mindray’s BeneVision N Series patient monitors through the BeneLink module, medical staff can now have a comprehensive picture of infusion data and physiological parameters. It facilitates fast and accurate diagnose and reasonable prescribing, as well as helps the hospital cut down on adverse events.

Moreover, Mindray's new BeneFusion Series infusion pump system has gone through lean production and rigorous tests. With the robust design and reliable performance, it is ready to refresh user's experience with a safer and more efficient infusion. Watch the video below and learn more.