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Be One and Beyond: Asia-Pacific Laboratory Medicine Summit

Mindray 2019-10-25

In its best season of the year, Beijing, the capital city of China, witnessed a grand gathering as the Asia-Pacific Laboratory Medicine Summit kicked off on October 19th. As many as 1,000 experts in diagnostic laboratory medicine from 17 countries, including Canada, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia and China, attended the informative 2-day event.

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The Asia-Pacific Laboratory Medicine Summit was sponsored by China Association for Medical Devices Industry and co-organized by Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine. Under the theme, “Be one and beyond”, the summit brought together experts and key opinion leaders from Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America to exchange knowledge and experience, and to explore the future of laboratory medicine driven by new technologies.

The summit attracted more than 1,000 experts from across the world. 

Representatives from Chinese and international associations, as well as leading medical device company Mindray attended the summit and delivered speeches at the opening, including President-elect of International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC), Prof. Khosrow Adeli, President of Asian and Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB), Prof. Sunil Sethi, Chairman of Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine, Dr. Chengbin Wang, as well as General Manager of Mindray IVD China, Mr. Marco Feng, and General Manager of Mindray IVD International, Mr. Kewen Xu. 

At the conference session, the renowned guest speakers from Canada, Singapore, Italy, Russia and China, shared their experience and insights on various topics such as laboratory management, quality control, application of cutting-edge detection technology and the development of laboratory medicine in different countries and regions.

Prof. Khosrow Adeli, President-elect of International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC), spoke on the topic: Value and Impact of Laboratory Medicine in Healthcare. 

Prof. Sunil Sethi, President of Asian and Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB), presented at the conference on the topic: New Technologies in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Asia. 

Prof. Sergio Bernardini, President of the IFCC Emerging Technologies Division, delivered a presentation on the topic: Perspectives in Laboratory Medicine: Next Decade and Beyond. 

Prof. Mikhail Andreevich Godkov, President of Russian Association of Laboratory Medicine, presented on the topic: Actual Status of IVD Laboratories in Russia and Development Perspectives. 

Prof. Cong Yulong, Chairman of National Medical Clinical Laboratory Testing and In-Vitro Diagnostic System Standardization Technical Committee, shared his opinions on the topic: The Development and Quality Control of Hematology Detection 

Technology in China. 

The healthcare systems and laboratory medicine practices vary from region to region. However, they all face similar challenges and share a common goal of improving patient outcomes. Meanwhile, the technological advances in lab medicine require ever more communications between regions to discuss a unified approach on how to harness the power of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Digitalization. 

Following the main conference were the 8 separate forums featuring the various disciplines and current topics in laboratory medicine, including blood cell morphology, biochemistry and immunology, infection and tumor, microbiology, coagulation and thrombosis, laboratory automation, construction and management of laboratory medicine disciplines as well as the test indicators in clinical applications. More than 80 top experts in the field of lab medicine from across the world shared their inspiring thoughts and research findings with participants. All the forums, which were held simultaneously, were full of attentive, engaging audiences.

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Experts were engaged in heated discussions and exchanges. 

After the summit, Prof. Khosrow Adeli, President-elect of IFCC, and Prof. Sunil Sethi, President of APFCB, shared more of their thoughts in an interview. They both conveyed their delights in attending this fruitful, inspiring summit, and cited the wide range of topics and expertise of speakers as a sign of the fast development of laboratory medicine.

As presidents of the two influential international associations in laboratory medicine, Prof. Khosrow Adeli and Prof. Sunil Sethi identified the current challenges faced by the industry. Despite the many hurdles lying ahead, they were both confident in a brighter, more exciting future for laboratory medicine, which would be brought about by the technological advancements, more communications between regions such as this summit, and the joint efforts of IVD companies and healthcare centers as well as industry associations such as IFCC and APFCB.