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Where ultrasound innovation resonates with clinical expertise

Mindray 2017-08-18

Being one of the world's most visited tourist destinations, Orlando is best known for the more than a dozen theme parks including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. But to many, the main attraction of Orlando is more than just the magic rides.

Florida is home to more university research parks than any other state in the US. Among them the largest is Central Florida Research Park, located at the heart of Orlando. Functioning as the bridge between companies and research facilities, Orlando is where industries resonate with expertise.

Central Florida Research Park, the fourth-largest in the United States by number of companies, and the seventh-largest by number of employees

This summer in Orlando, Mindray R&D team had the pleasure to exchange insights and new discoveries with over a hundred medical experts from the Americas at the Mindray Ultrasound Forum.

Clinical experts and technology specialists meet at the Mindray Ultrasound Forum

Dedicated to providing clinicians with equipment solutions that best address their clinical needs and enhance diagnostic efficiency, Mindray believes clinical expertise is what drives technological innovation. This is why we invited some of the most renowned clinical experts of the Americas to speak at the Forum.

Sharing expertise, inspiring the next generation

A trusted expert in Obstetrics and Gynecology ultrasound, Prof. Philippe Jeanty has been collaborating with Mindray for many years. He is Director of Ultrasound Section in Inner Vision Women's Ultrasound in Nashville, Tennessee, and brings over 35 years of experience to the field of fetal ultrasound. His passion is an inspiration to the many practitioners that have benefitted from his lectures and teaching.

At the Mindray Forum, Prof. Jeanty lectured on "How to screen out fetal brain anomalies in the 2nd trimester" and did hands-on demostration with Mindray Resona 7 Ultrasound System powered by Zone Intelligence.

Prof. Jeanty demonstrating with Resona 7 Ultrasound System at the Forum

Powered by advanced acoustic acquisition, channel data storage and living technology with software based processing, the revolutionary ZST+ platform lays a solid foundation for Zone Intelligence. With accurate image quality originated from the platform, Zone Intelligence builds up a truly smart mechanism by deep learning based on clinical expertise and raw data. Thereafter, it is able to provide multiple intelligent retrospective processing, leading to efficient and effective image visualization, plane recognition, measurement, and image enhancement. Zone Intelligence facilitates clinical experts with enhanced diagnostic confidence.

Read more: Your Intelligent Partner -  Zone Intelligence of Resona 7

A true friend to Mindray, Prof. Jeanty shares the same belief that medical professionals with the right technologies can make a huge difference to people's lives. In turn, Mindray is a dedicated sponsor for Prof. Jeanty's frequent symposiums that put into action the principal “Healthcare within Reach”, improving peoples' lives by sharing medical knowledge. Prof. Jeanty shares his expertise for the benefits of patients across many continents and countries on educational road tours, lecturing at a many influential maternal–fetal symposiums organized by Mindray. Held across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, Mindray symposiums offer Prof. Jeanty a highly visible platform he can leverage to bring his knowledge to the places where basic skills in ultrasound are critically needed, but often remain inaccessible due to lack of resources.

Go deeper with research features in ultrasound imaging

Doctor Pedro Jose Forcada is a renowned expert clinician as well as research academician in cardiology, holding senior positions in Latin America's most prestigious academic societies and universities. Dr. Forcada's lecture on "Re-stratification of Cardiovascular Risk through Ultrasound" explored the very frontier of ultrasound application in the cadiovascular field. He spoke highly of Mindray's Resona 7 Ultrasound System's vascular research feature V-flow.

Mindray's Resona 7 Ultrasound System enhances clinical research capabilities with the revolutionary V-Flow for vascular hemodynamics evaluation in addition to the supreme image quality.


Resona 7's V-flow feature is a novel visualization of blood flow, in which color arrows are displayed, instead of the color map of a conventional Doppler ultrasound image. With V-flow, Resona 7 delivers a technology that dynamically visualises blood flow.

The V-Flow feature displays the fluidity with dynamic arrows indicating the flow process, rather than a series of static images, with both the magnitude and direction of the flow measurable at any location in the vessel, avoiding the inconvenience of angiography.

The platform uses an extremely high frequency yet remains flexible due to the availability of arbitrary beamforming methods. Consequently, multiple image lines are obtained after a single transmission. Continuous Doppler transmission can be achieved, avoiding a transient state, enabling continuous filtering for removing clutter.

To derive the direction of flow velocity, multi-directional transmissions and receptions are employed. A true velocity with accurate direction calculated via angle-compounding technology, shows an example where compounding and regression analysis of two angles is applied giving more angles. This is supported by innovative display technology with colour arrows.

Clinical results show that V-flow gives much more detail with different types of flow in the carotid artery, compared to conventional ultrasound colour flow mapping (CFM).

Leading new waves of ultrasound innovation

With more than 20 years' industry experience in the innovation, development and marketing of medical ultrasound, Glen McLaughlin,PhD, is Chief Product Office and Executive Vice President, North America, of the ultrasound business unit for Mindray. McLaughlin shared industrial insights with clinical experts on the topic "Zone Sonography and imaging formation technologies".

At Mindray's Sillicon Valley Innovation Center, McLaughlin's responsibilities include strategic direction, product innovation and marketing. In addition to leading the innovative research of ultrasound technology, he also facilitates and participates in the Mindray Medical Imaging Systems business unit's efforts in technology, product, marketing strategy and marketing activities planning. McLaughlin earned his PhD and MS at Stanford University and his BS at Carnegie Melon. He is the author of several peer reviewed scientific papers and presentations, issued over thirty USA patents and was invited to speak at over fifty international talks.

Mindray Innovation Center dedicated to advanced ultrasound technologies, Silicon Valley, USA

Point-of-care ultrasound in emergency medicine

Dr. Tobias Kummer is an emergency medicine doctor in Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota. As an experienced expert in Emergency care, Dr. Kummer has been in practice between 11-20 years and is one of 47 doctors at Mayo Clinic who specialize in Emergency Medicine. At the Mindray Forum, Dr. Kummer shared his expertise on the topic "CEUS clinical study in Emergency Medicine".

Mayo Clinic's Campus in Rochester, Minnesota

In the U.S. News & World Report rankings of top hospitals, Mayo Clinic is the #1 hospital overall, as well as #1 in more specialties than any other hospital in the nation. Complex care often requires medical experts from more than one specialty. Mayo Clinic's world-class experts work together to provide comprehensive care and a seamless experience for patients with even the most complex conditions.

Mindray's TE7 Touch Screen Ultrasound System is designed to provide superior quality imaging for rapid patient-care decisions that are typically required in emergency care. Intuitive gesture controls and efficient focused point-of-care exams minimize the user learning curve, with no need to navigate a knob cluttered keyboard. Touch enabled response, targeted application presets, and one touch image optimization improve diagnostic confidence and efficiency. Extract and go capability with its unique retractable power cable and built-in battery makes TE7 always ready for the point-of-care ultrasound environment.

Read more about TE7:

Focused POC ultrasound solution reaches out across the world

According to the iData Research 2016, TE7 ranks the 3rd in the U.S. point-of-care ultrasound market. The innovative tablet ultrasound system receives wide acknowledgement among clinical experts for its superior performance at the point of care, especially in emergency care.

The Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), for example, is a Level I trauma center, providing the highest level of surgical care to trauma patients. The facility was once overburdened with heavy workload as most hospitals are. With the introduction of Mindray TE7, the doctors and nurses have witnessed changes in ultrasound use and experienced convenience as well as diagnostic confidence that the smart system brought to the hospital.

Mindray believes medical expertise is at the heart of healthcare. It is the knowledge, skills and experience of medical professionals that are key to advancing innovation. Mindray works hand-in-hand with medical clinicians, to ensure our solutions are truly intelligent, relevant and accessible, so we can always put the patient before the equipment. We share clinical expertise with the world, to envision more possibilities in healthcare.

We innovate to create more intelligent applications

products and solutions,

to liberate clinical expertise

and deliver better healthcare for all.





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