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BeneVision, confronting alarm hazards: episode II

Mindray 2017-09-27

Addressing alarm hazards, one of the most severe clinical painpoint for caregivers, reducing false alarm is the first and one important step. BeneVision N Series Patient Monitor works as an effective filter of non-actionable alarms, and makes sure that caregivers receive the most clinically meaningful information that requires their attention.

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Alarm Management is more than just suppressing non-actionable alarms. It is just as important, if not more, that caregivers have an effective solution that supports quick response, informed decision-making and efficient information transfer when an alarm is triggered.

Designed for competence in high-acuity care, Mindray's BeneVision Patient Monitoring Solution is an end-to-end solution that links patients to caregivers via a comprehensive network. Consisting of the bedside monitor, central monitoring system, IT solution that connects to the hospital-wide EMR system, and mobile receiving ends, BeneVision provides ready information for caregivers to access with ease.

BeneVision is a total patient monitoring solution consisting of bedside monitors, central monitoring system and IT solution. Its powerful alarm management capability ensures informed decision for caregivers wherever they are.

BeneVision N Series Patient Monitor has advanced features that help caregivers handle hectic clinical settings such as intensive care. The streamlined workflow and full functionality enhances diagnostic confidence for caregivers when dealing with alarms.

The AlarmSight feature translates audio alarms into graphic display so that caregivers indentify the source of alarm more easily and take proper actions to eliminate the alarm condition. Studies have shown that graphical display helps clinicians make faster and more accurate clinical decisions.

Not only an effective alarm manager itself, the BeneVision N Series also works as a versatile information hub. Its powerful BeneLink module integrates alarms and patient data from other bedside devices, which will be tranfered seamlessly into the Central Monitoring System while being stored in the monitor for up to 120 hours for doctors to review. In addition, the CareGroup Function allows clinicians to set up Alarm Watch blocks to monitor patients in groups.

BeneVision Central Monitoring System is an important part of the BeneVision Solution. It functions as the data pivot that connects BeneVision N Series Patient Monitors to form an extensive network. The BeneVision CMS is a powerful and scalable solution providing for continuous, real-time surveillance across networks large and small. The system can display patient information from networked monitors, wireless transport solutions, and telemetry transmitters – up to 1200 devices across the hospital enterprise, locally and remotely.

The BeneVision CentralStation makes information accessible beyond the central nursing station or centralized monitoring center through distributed BeneVision ViewStations and WorkStations.

The matching WorkStations and ViewStations are extensions of the BeneVision CentralStation that allow caregivers to perform routine tasks outside the patient's room and keep track of patient conditions wherever a viewer screen is.

On the hospital-wide scale, BeneVision's full functionality IT solution allows caregivers to respond to alarms with adequate patient information whenever they want, and wherever they are.

The eGateway is the critical link between BeneVision Patient Monitoring Solution and the hospital's EMR system, seamlessly incorporating data from as many as 200 Mindray patient monitors and channeling data into the EMR as a “single pipe”. Integrated data in BeneVision N Series Monitors and CMS are channelled seamlessly into hospital-wide network. This EMR communication is achieved through the utilization of the open HL7 protocol and a configuration engine which efficiently and cost effectively populates the electronic medical record.

The eGateway Integration Engine streamlines bi-directional communications of BeneVision Patient Monitoring Solution with the hospital's ADT and EMR. Clinicians, fortified with up to the minute patient monitor information, can quickly assess patient status and deliver the best course of care when an alarm is triggered. The eGateway provides timely, accurate patient monitor statistics for informed clinical decision making.

Another IT solution BeneVision offers is the SmartPager, an important component of the entire BeneVision Monitoring System. SmartPager is an alarm distribution system that enables caregivers to receive alarms from their mobile devices that are connected to the hopital's network. Its application in both intensive and emergency clinical environment has been acknowledged by many top-notch medical institutions worldwide.

BeneVision Paitnet Monitoring Solution is installed in the ICU of France's largest premier teaching hospital, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Toulouse. Clinicians at CHU de Toulouse fully acknowledge BeneVision's clinical performance, and spoke especially highly of the SmartPager. It enables them to receive alarms from patients anywhere in the hospital, so that abnormal situations can be handled in time and patients’ safety can be ensured.

With 14 medical centers and 2,880 beds, CHU de Toulouse remains France's national top ranking medical institution for 15 consecutive years

In a nutshell, patient safety is the first piority of caregivers. Their medical expertise is the key to providing better care. BeneVision Patient Monitoring Solution provides a superior alarm management solution so that medical expertise is no longer affected by fatigue and stress caused by alarm hazards, hence better care for patients.

Effectively suppressing false alarms and optimizing alarm response work flow are the key to solving alarm hazards. BeneVision's innovative technology and powerful features make it excel in both areas.

Envision more with BeneVision, your intelligent and reliable alarm management solution.

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