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BeneVision, confronting alarm hazards: episode I

Mindray 2017-09-26

Alarm hazard has remained No.1 on ECRI’s health technology hazard list for 4 consecutive years. Non-actionable alarms cause hospital resource waste and alarm fatigue in caregivers.

Andrew Currie, Director of clinical engineering at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, gave us a vivid metaphor of what it is like to deal with clinical alarm hazards at the 2017 International Clinical Engineering Forum.

To address this clinical painpoint, Mindray incorporated effective alarm managment functions in the BeneVision Monitoring Solution that embraces the two core mechanisms of managing alarms: to reduce false alarm, and to optimize workflow when an alarm is triggered. See how BeneVision minimizes alarm fatigue, improves staff efficiency and increases patient safety.

Let's start with BeneVision's innovative and powerful data processing capacity that effectively filters false alarm.

High-resolution data

BeneVision N Series Patient Monitor's powerful hardware platform provides caregivers with advanced monitoring parameters of refined accuracy and high-fidelity data. With the new MPM Platinum monitoring module, BeneVision N Series is able to provide clinicians with more accurate and reliable measurements starting from each single parameter.

Take ECG measurements as an exapmle. The new MPM Platinum extracts ECG data comparable to that from a specialized electrocardiography monitor, with higher sampling rate, higher resolution ratio and larger dyanmic range.

Patient monitors capture physiological signals in a similar way a camera captures images. With high sampling rate (e.g. frame rate in a camera), high resolution ratio and large dynamic range, MPM Platinum can extract highly accurate measurements that enable clinicians to see more, with ease.

MPM Platimum's powerful capability goes beyond just capturing ccurate and high-fidelity raw data from single parameters. These data set the foundation for its innovative advanced algorithm analysis that effectivly filters false alarm and makes paitent monitoring ever so easy.

Fusion algorithm analysis

Research has demonstrated that 72% to 99% of clinical alarms are false.* False alarms can be caused by various factors and is the number one contributor of alarm fatigue.

*source: the American Association of Critical-care Nurses continuing education activities article: Alarm Fatigue: A Patient Safety Concern

As we measure ECG and SpO2 at different places, the chest and the fingertip, sometimes these interference only happen at one place and not the other. BeneVision's innovative CrozFusion uses a unique algorithm to recognize the signal strength of ECG and SpO2 and categorize them into different levels signal strength, and suppress false alarms caused by signal noise.

The strength of CrozFusion is to increase the noise immunity of ECG arrhythmia analysis by fusing its decision with blood oxygen saturation(SpO2) measurements, thus effectively suppressing false ARR alarms.

For this innovative technology, Mindray R&D has gone a long way of painstaking research and reliablity tests. In 2014,  Mindray fellow scholar Cadathur Rajagopalan co-published research papers with scholars from the University of Oxford on this very topic - the recognition of the signal quality of ECG and determining whether to report the signal as it is.

With years of research and over 4300 clinical trial testings, Mindray R&D team has successfully developed CrozFusion, the new, revolutionary multi-parameter fusion technology and incorporate it into the BeneVision N Series Paitent Monitor.

Informed decision-making

With high-resolution raw data and CrozFusion's powerful algorithm analysis, BeneVision N Series filters a large amount of false alarms and helps clinicians focus more on the most clinically meaningful information. The monitor's amazingly easy-to-use features such as alarm delay configuration also allows clinicians to suppress unnecessary alarms to be triggered.

In the highly demanding clinical settings such as intensive care, reducing false alarm is only the first step of effective alarm management. BeneVision Patient Monitoring Solution is ready to go beyond, and always stands as a reliable and intelligent partner in your daily work.

When an alarm is triggered, BeneVision is here to ensure your response workflow is streamlined, and your decision-making always informed. Stay tuned for BeneVision Alarm Management Episode II:

Optimizing the alarm response workflow.

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