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Mindray Presented New Products at Medica 2009


Running from November 18th to 21st, 2009, medical device manufacturers from more than 60 countries participated in Medica 2009, showing their latest technology and new products in Düsseldorf, Germany. The total area of Mindray’s displays was doubled this year and totaled nearly 300 square meters in halls three and nine. Mindray displayed three series of new products in the areas of bio-information and support, clinical examination and reagents and digital ultrasound. All on a bright and spacious stand. More than 30 local staff from European subsidiaries and a team from headquarters were sent out to provide international and professional services for visitors.

In hall nine, the main exhibition hall, products from two domains: bio-information and support and digital ultrasonics, were exhibited. Among them, the operating theatre module made its debut at Medica. It was equipped with a set of classical and competitive products such as the medical crane tower HyPort, the surgical shadowless lamp HyLite, the electric comprehensive operating table HyBase, monitors, anesthesia machines and portable color Doppler ultrasound, etc. The module has drawn much attention from many visitors because of its excellent performance in integrating various functions. Additionally, the bio-information monitoring business of Datascope, which has been merged with Mindray, displayed its new monitor products, such as Passport V and Accutorr V. They showed the advances in innovation brought about by integrating resources.

In addition, the high-end desk-top color Doppler DC-7 made its sparkling debut at Medica, after its release in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. New technologies like DC-7, gathering pure harmonic imaging, iClear speckle noise reduction, high-precision positioning and 4D application, attracted much attention due to their clinical advantages and benefits for hospitals, agents and the professional audience. Meanwhile, the international debut of the M7 portable color Doppler ultrasound system with its external display carts was attractive to many professionals, who tried to operate the system with great interest.

Hall number three mainly presented new reagents and products for clinical examination. Among all the exhibits, the upcoming BS-800 automatic biochemical analyzer was first shown to the public at large. A special lecture was also arranged covering the blood products and development process of BS-800 as part of the promotion before it goes to market.The testing speed of BS-800 topped 1,200 T/H, which was fast enough to meet the needs of large medical institutions for biochemical tests. While adjusting to the current mid-market, it was also laying a foundation into the high-end market for the modular combination.The testing speed of the latest BC-5800 five categories automatic blood cell analyzer reached 90 S/H. This would be very helpful for efficient detection and accurate screening in clinical laboratories.

Because it was the 40th anniversary of Medica, and the 10th anniversary of Mindray’s participation in Medica, commemorative activities were held to celebrate this historical moment. Agents from all over the world gathered in Mindray's exhibition area to look back over the history of our co-operation and to look forward to the great prospects resulting from continuous innovation.The ten-year history reflected Mindray's efforts in exploring the global market. As a result of our participation at Medica, customers from around the world were able to witness the achievements of Mindray in terms of continuous innovation and a steady pace in international development,

Picture 1 Mindray's stand in hall No.9

Picture 2 On-site technical talk about DC-7

Picture3 Professionals observing the operation of DC-7

Picture4 Professionals asking about the technology of BS-800

Picture5 Violin performance on the tenth anniversary

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