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Mindray Donates RMB 4.7 million for Yushu's Quake-Ravaged Hospitals


On April 14, a magnitude 7.1 quake hit Yushu, Qinghai, causing serious casualties and property loss. The disaster has stricken the chord in the hearts of people across China, including the entire staff of Mindray. Xu Hang, Mindray's chairman, and Li Xiting, Mindray's president, called on employees to donate for the quake zone, and they each donated RMB500,000 in their own names. In response to the call, over 5,000 Mindray employees contributed RMB4.5 million (company donation included) by April 23 and the donation was sent to Shenzhen Red Cross Society that afternoon. According to one of the society's executives, the money marked the largest donation for the quake victims they had received by the day. The fund will be used for reconstructing health centers in the quake zone. The donation initiative proceeded and raised around RMB4.73 million by April 28. This reflects Mindray's great care and best wishes for the quake sufferers in Yushu.

Mindray is committed to its mission of "Improve healthcare by optimizing and sharing medical technologies with the world" and its ethos of caring for life and repaying the society. As part of its commitment to the society, the company has played important roles as a medical equipment provider during disaster relief over the past years. Mindray people acted swiftly during a series of disasters, such as the SARS, Indian Ocean tsunami and Wenchuan earthquake, donating money and medical equipment to help victims weather the disasters. In addition, Mindray has provided long-term support for China's grassroots medical establishment. Between 2007-2009, the company donated RMB22.59 million worth of medical equipment to township health centers in Gansu, Jilin, Anhui and Guangdong provinces. As part of its support for China's education drive, Mindray has financed Hope Project schools in underdeveloped rural areas, and has set up Hope scholarships in high schools and universities. All these moves mirror Mindray's continuous efforts to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Liu Jie, Mindray's COO, donated on behalf of the entire staff

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