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Mindray Attends the 63rd CMEF with New Brand Image

During the 63rd CMEF exhibition (April,18-21) held in Shenzhen, Mindray's new brand image and visual identification system were unveiled and attracted a lot of attention. In keeping with global business strategy, Mindray put forth a futuristic, world-oriented image. The new logo features a vibrant red color against a fresh background in the booth, to symbolize a perfect blend of affinity, elegance, vitality and reflect the company culture. The lower case font is round and lively evoking a combination of solidness, reliability and professionalism. In conjunction with the new tagline, Healthcare within reach, it conveys Mindray's commitment to sharing better health care with the world.

Dedicated to pushing ahead with a new vision, Mindray displayed products from three primary business segments: Patient Monitoring and Life Support Products, In-vitro Diagnostic Products and Medical Imaging Systems. Its medium and high-end new products in the spotlight were: the BS-800M clinical chemistry analysis system, the M7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System and the HyLED 9700 Surgical Light.

BS-800M Automatic Chemistry Solution

BS-800M is a new clinical chemistry analysis system integrated with Mindray reagents, calibrators and controls. It could be tailored according to customer's demand from one to four modular analyzers which bring various throughput and capacity combination. The throughput can increase from 1200T/H to 4800T/H accordingly, and with a large onboard sample capacity from 440 to 860 samples. The total system is controlled by a central computer and the operator could monitor and control all analyzers simultaneously.

The special "dual-diaphragm" and "dual-focus" optical systems make a lower reagent consumption to 100ul in cuvettes which could reduce testing cost enormously for end user. Large sample and reagent capacity, 165 permanent glass cuvettes and innovative washing station would productively reduce laboratory labor. Ergonomics structure design, touch screen inputting mode, and full status monitoring create a very user-friendly environment for the operators. Various sensitivity liquid level detection, clot detection for sample and bubble detection for reagent ensure more accurate test results for clinical diagnosis.

BS-800M not only fulfills but advances the demands of our global customers. The source of our innovation provides more cost-efficient, more accurate, more secure and more innovative solution for laboratories. BS800M shall provide a brand new experience of clinical chemistry.

M7 Announced Global Launch

Thanks to its excellent ergonomic and user-friendly design, recently the M7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System received the Reddot Design Award, one of the highest awards for industrial design in the world, marking Mindray's another achievement in the area after it has won the iF Design Award China for consecutive times. During the expos, Mindray announced M7's global launch on the meeting that over 100 customers from the world shared the demo of the ultrasound solution together. With efficiency and accuracy, M7 brings clinicians the power and productivity of a full-sized system in a hand-carried size.

Mindray's impressive booth with new brand image

Promoting activity for BS-800M attracted lots of audience

Mindray staff introduced M7 to audience

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