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The Enzymatic Method for HbA1c Test – BS-240

Mindray 2016-08-31

The diabetes panel of Mindray clinical chemistry test menu includes glucose, HbA1c, fructosamine, ß-hydroxybutyrate and microalbumin.

Mindray HbA1C chemistry reagent with enzymatic method is used for long-term monitoring of blood glucose level. It has no interference from hemoglobin variants and is traceable to IFCC & NGSP reference methods. Mindray enzymatic method for HbA1c testing, applied on chemistry analyzers, can achieve reliable performance with CV less than 2%.

Mindray “CUTE” BS-240, a compact, utility, technology-enhanced and efficient clinical chemistry analyzer, utilizes the smart-sampling technology that enables automatic hemolysate preparation for HbA1c testing. With robust functionality and a compact body, one of the smallest in the 200 T/H automated chemistry analyzer market, BS-240 makes an optimal choice for small labs for HbA1c as well as routine chemistry test. It can serve as a dedicated HbA1c solution for big laboratories.

Besides HbA1c, ß-hydroxybutyrate, or ß-HB, is another important assay in the diabetes panel. American Diabetes Association recommends ß-HB method over the traditional urine ketone tests which are unreliable for diagnosing or monitoring treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a potentially life-threatening complication in patients with diabetes. Mindray ß-HB reagent uses enzymatic colorimetric method for more accurate quantitative result, and is applicable on BS-240 and other Mindray chemistry analyzers.

The combination of Mindray BS-240 and its diabetes panel provides a reliable solution for the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes.