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The "CUTE" BS-240 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Mindray 2016-09-30

For laboratory solutions, powerful functionality often comes at the expense of compact size. Or does it have to? Watch the video to see how Mindray "CUTE" BS-240 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is designed to change that perception.

BS-240 is a "CUTE", multi-functional benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput of up to 200 tests per hour. Though with almost matchless small footprint among similar models in the market, it has achieved a lot of robust, advanced functions to competently fulfill the demands of small laboratories and assist mid-to-high end laboratories.

"CUTE" Chemistry Solution


  • One of the smallest 200 T/H throughput automatic chemistry analyzers in the market, saving maximum space for your lab;

  • Large capacity of 80 reagent positions and 40 sample positions extendable to 80, offering a flexible solution for labs with different volume requirements.


  • Intelligent software with user-friendly interface, inspired by years of research into the needs of high-end customers;

  • Step-by-step maintenance guide to facilitate easy operation, prolonging the service life of the device;

  • Upgraded auto-washing system to ensure low carryover, low water consumption and longer walk-away time.


The smart-sampling technology applied on BS-240 enables automatic hemolysate preparation for HbA1c testing, saving labor and time, and ensuring more accurate result. BS-240 can be used as a dedicated solution for HbA1c test.


A minimum of 100μl reaction volume, the lowest among the 200 T/H throughput chemistry analyzers in the market, comes from Mindray’s industry-leading technology in helping customers achieve maximum cost efficiency.

The creation of Mindray BS-240 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer attests to the company’s commitment to always put customers at the center of what it does and transform advanced technologies into accessible, quality-ensured medical solutions for the world’s clinical laboratories.