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Smarter Workstation, Simpler Workflow | New Generation CAL 8000

Mindray 2016-09-30

In the rapid-paced large laboratories, a high-performance instrument, like CAL 8000 New Generation Cellular Analysis Line, can go a long way in enhancing the overall laboratory productivity. Featuring scalability and robust functionality, Mindray CAL 8000 is a highly automated workstation for smarter, faster and more accurate cellular analysis. What's behind its efficient workflow? The 3D video below may offer you a sneak peak.

Now that you have gained a rough idea of how the workstation looks like, join us as we take a tour of this "smart factory" to discover more!

Robust workstation

Mindray CAL 8000 New Generation Cellular Analysis Line can hold up to 4 units of BC-6800 Automated Hematology Analyzer which utilizes the advanced SF Cube technology and 3D scattergrams to help doctors better differentiate blood cell populations and reveal abnormal cells undetectable by conventional techniques. With 125 CBC tests per hour per unit, BC-6800 brings the process rate of the workstation to 20% - 30% higher than other similar models, effectively alleviating laboratory’s stress during the peak processing hours.

One tube solution

The usual way of running different tests for a patient is to collect multiple tubes of blood from the patient and have them distributed manually into separate instruments for analysis, which is both time and labor intensive.

On CAL 8000, the hematology analyzer, slide maker & stainer, CRP analyzer and HbA1c analyzer are all integrated into one seamless production line through automated track modules and trolley. Simply by loading a single tube of blood sample onto the automation system, you can get all the test results you need. This innovative walk away automation functionality has made possible the “CBC+CRP+HbA1c” testing all in one streamlined workstation for the first time in the industry.

LabXpert: your pathology assistant

Due to diseases’ diversity and uncertainty, there may be some samples, termed “gray zone” or “suspected” samples, registering low level of abnormalities after initial testing. These “suspected” samples will require the expert judgement of a pathologist to decide if further analysis is needed.

Normally laboratory technicians have to pick out all suspected samples manually for blood smear and microscopic review, which puts tremendous pressure on the understaffed laboratories. For that, Mindray new CAL 8000 offers a smart solution, or rather, a smart expert – the labXpert 2.0. It is a software that can automatically sort out the “suspected” samples for manual validation. The pathologist then decides if rerun or microscopic review is warranted based on their clinical experience. It avoids wasting slides and reduces extra work. Moreover, the onboard automated “re-exam” functionality also helps enhance work efficiency.

Flexible layout, optimized space

Frustrated by how to maximize testing output with limited or complicated space? Maybe you don’t have to be. The new generation CAL 8000 doesn’t need your lab to change anything to fit it, because it “changes” itself to fit your space. With the extended track, turn module, and flexible layout, the automation workstation can be configured into outer and inner L-shaped designs to make the best use of laboratory space. In comparison with our previous model, the new CAL 8000 can save up to 20% of the laboratory space.

Advanced blood smear solution

For blood smears, the SC-120 slide maker & stainer component can carry out the automated detection of blood consistency and automated adjustment of blood volume, angle & speed of spreader accordingly to ensure a high quality smear. Its staining cassette with automated maintenance, as well as the optimized slide printer also ensures the reliability of the smear system. Before the automation line was created, over 300 thousand reliability tests were done consuming as many as more than 100 thousand slides.

Smart connection, smart management

This smart automation line supports the MR IVD Health Cloud Platform, or MR HCP. It is a free system designed for laboratory service engineers to remotely monitor real-time status of the connected Mindray analyzers. Should any error or problem occur, Mindray service team will provide prompt solutions. It also supports quality control data management to help laboratory with regular data analysis. The MR HCP reflects how today’s laboratory can be remotely and efficiently managed.

In less than 2 years since its launch, Mindray’s first generation CAL 8000 Cellular Automation Line has been tirelessly running in over 170 top-tier hospitals and laboratories globally. With proven quality as well as upgraded functionality and flexibility, the New Generation CAL 8000 will introduce customers to a smarter and more efficient way of cellular analysis and laboratory management.