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Safety on Line: Integrating more data to support clinical decision making

Mindray 2019-05-30

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Modern anesthesia has been developing so fast that, in both theory and practice, it is far beyond the simple idea of inducing insensitivity to pain during surgery. Instead, it is expanding to include the entire peri-operative process where data integration becomes more important than ever, to ensure patient safety during - or even beyond - the entire process of peri-operative care.

Modern anesthesia is faced with the challenge of managing massive patient data, typically in three aspects:

1. Less connectivity of devices to the electronic medical records (EMR)

2. Limited visibility of patient data

3. Data gap during transportation

A seamless data integration solution is a critical component of peri-operative care, and a trend of healthcare industry to help break information silos.

Mindray offers a comprehensive data integration solution for the standardization of patient data monitoring, management and storage from ER through induction room to OR and ICU. It eliminates gap in the flow of patient data, and channels them all up to the EMR, CIS and HIS to create a paperless and streamlined monitoring workflow.

They are all interlinked.

Monitoring in OR and ICU needs to be comprehensive. Mindray's A7 anesthesia workstations, BeneVision N Series patient monitors and BeneFusion 5 Series infusion pumps can be interlinked, and integrated into the HIS through Mindray's reliable IT Solution. The connectivity gives caregivers a comprehensive picture of infusion data and anesthetic status on patient monitors. Also, the anesthetic parameters displayed on monitors can be customized.

The synergy between these devices, which can simply be achieved through the BeneLink module, is able to facilitate accurate diagnoses, thus ensuring the reasonable delivery of drugs during surgery.

The display of anesthetic status (above) and PV loop (below) on the BeneVision N Series.

The display of infusion status by InfusionView on the BeneVision N Series.

Meet this all-in-one-hand workflow.

During intra-hospital transport (IHE), patients are at risk of significant adverse events, such as pulmonary complications, cardiac arrest, nosocomial infections, etc.[1] Accuracy is demanded, and data should be carried and transferred safely.

The BeneVision N1 patient transport monitor is an answer to the demanding journey of IHE, keeping caregivers informed of patient's status at every point of care.

This palm-sized transport monitor can send real time patient data to the CMS wirelessly when it's on the move. Alternatively, when there is no Wi-Fi, it will carry all the data and transfer them back to the main monitor safely when the patient arrives at the bed unit, enabling gap-free data transfer and a streamlined workflow.

Advanced medical technologies and an integrated workflow are necessary for hospitals to manage patient data efficiently, offer patient-centric care throughout the patient journey. By presenting the concept "Safety in Sight, Safety on Line" at Euroanaesthesia 2019, Mindray is taking an active role to pursue the best practices of safe peri-operative care with caregivers.


[1] Knight, Patrick H., et al. "Complications duringintrahospital transport of critically ill patients: Focus on riskidentification and prevention." International journal of critical illnessand injury science 5.4 (2015): 256.