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BeneVision TM80 - See More, with Ease

Mindray 2016-01-25

Telemetry? Patient monitor? Measurement module? Yes and no. It is all in one!

Mindray BeneVision TM80 is a wireless telemetry monitor that combines all above functions into one extremely compact unit. It is lightweight, powerful, durable and easy to use. With BeneVision TM80, ambulatory patients can be constantly monitored and quickly located. It ensures the safety of patients whilst helps clinicians improve their work efficiency.

TM80's intuitive color display allows immediate access to real-time patient data at point of care, saving clinicians the trouble of going to the central station.

TM80 provides full functionality of a patient monitor, equipped with features such as flickering touchscreen navigation, ECG, SPO2, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

In addition, TM80 can pair and merge data with BeneVision N series monitors to work as wireless measurement module, eliminating the complexity of cable management at the bedside.

Based on industry-standard WiFi technology, BeneVision TM80 enables bi-directional communication across off-the-shelf network facilities. It is applicable for a wide range of care areas in all levels of healthcare institutions.