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BeneVision Central Monitoring System

Mindray 2015-12-10

Central Monitoring System (CMS) is an integral part of advanced patient monitoring solution. Mindray’s new BeneVision CMS, as the heart of BeneVision monitoring solution, provides unique and innovative capabilities to address the challenges caregivers are facing today.

Information Hub for All Monitoring Devices

BeneVision CMS integrates all the patients' data from up to 64 devices including patient monitors, defibrillators, telemetries and linked devices - ventilators and anesthesia machines into one station. Maximal 4 extended screens per station show all those patients' data realtimely. The extremely concentrated patient monitoring enables caregivers to make one-stop decision for all patients without being at their bedside.

Data Continuity Across Whole Care Process

BeneVision CMS provides enough databases with 10 days full disclosure for patients' data at whole length of stay. All details are traceable and analyzable long-termly from one station. And this database can be transferred seamlessly between beds and between CMSs. Its long term medical record storage can also prevent patient data from missing even after their discharge from the hospital. So patients' data is whole-journey continuous, which helps clinicians enhance clinical confidence and make more accurate decision.

Workflow Optimization for Enterprise-Wide Care Teams

With BeneVision CMS, caregivers can get master/slave grid network to support multi-tier collaboration workflow. One master Central Station (CS) can be connected to multiple slave Work Stations (WSs) with each WS monitoring a different care group. And vice versa, one WS can also be connected to multiple CSs with each CS supervising a different department. Now in the remote consultation center, a WS group with MultiKM manages all patients remotely. Such extensive care collaboration will make clinical workflow more efficient.

Alarm Management from End to End

BeneVision CMS supports end-to-end alarm management solution through Smartpager. Patients' critical alarms occurring at point of care are delivered to smartphone through CMS, which enables caregivers to take charge and response immediately, or escalate to others if unable. And context information view facilitates better and faster decisions. Our latest alarm management technologies will let caregivers enjoy freedom to go and faster response without missing any event while reduce alarm fatigue.