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3 minutes - all it takes to know the complete Mindray

Mindray 2016-08-15

Tweets, headlines, breaking news - in this era of fast facts, how long does it take to really get to know a world leading medical solution provider? The answer is 3 minutes.

Our newly upgraded Wechat Profile is designed to give you a clearer view of Mindray in an easier way. Our vision, our products, our history and stories - it is everything about Mindray at your fingertip!

About Mindray

3 minutes to get the full Mindray profile

LIVE tour

visit Mindray HQ wherever you are

Brand stories

onsite with us from R&D centers to hospitals around the world

25 years of reaching forward

a brief history of Mindray

In addition to the new company profile, we've also upgraded the "Product" page with key products' information across business lines, now available in a more organized and easy-to-access way.


Mindray's all-star portfolio on display

To access the new "Product" page, return to Mindray wechat homepage and click on "Product"