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2015 Mindray Best of the Bests Awards

Mindray 2015-12-31

Pronto, 2015 will soon be over. This was the year that innovation and classics made headlines at Mindray. Do you still recall those memorable moments you walked together with Mindray? In 2015 we witness the spark of innovation and the birth of classic. Today, let us count together the achievements and hurray together for the wonders of Mindray 2015!

BeneVision N22

Patient Monitor
Benefitting from the revolutionary innovation of super large touch screen as well as rotatable landscape and portrait, BeneVison N22 can better meet different clinical needs . With visionary-stimulating design, benchmarking ease of use, confidence-maximizing innovations and workflow-transforming interoperability, BeneVision N22/N19 is creating tomorrow’s monitoring perspective today. It fully deserves this honor.

Resona 7

Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Powered by the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology, Resona 7’s new ZST+ platform brings the ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing. With the best image quality, Resona 7 is leading new waves in ultrasound innovation and meeting the needs of most challenging clinical practices.

SV300 Ventilator

SV 300 is a state-of-the-art ventilator with the built-in high performance turbine. It is simple to configure, easy to operate and versatile in use. Benefitting from its smart and user-centric design, SV300 successfully won the 2015 Red Dot Design Award.


Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System

Released in late 2015, CL-1000i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System is without doubt the best newcomer of the year. It is a fully capable immunoassay analyzer in a benchtop package for space-restricted labs. The neat and smart look of CL-1000i, the user-friendly design of an adjustable swing arm and touch screen, together with its robust functionality supported by improved technology, are an eloquent winning statement.

CAL 8000

Cellular Analysis Line

That’s right, they all voted for this powerful laboratory solution. A combination of Mindray high-end BC-6800 Hematology Analyzer and SC-120 Slide Maker & Stainer, CAL 8000 has won wide acclaim from physicians and hematologists who have benefited from this reliable and mighty workstation in their daily lab work.


Hand-carried Ultrasound System

Mindray has been exclusively selected for the American Society of Echocardiography Foundation’s (ASEF) humanitarian mission. M7 was chosen as goodwill ambassador and brought to Vietnam for its rugged, compact and fully featured echocardiography solution. The humanitarian mission was successfully completed under M7’s excellent performance and close international cooperation.

MobiEye 700

Mobile Radiography System

What kind of radiology device makes work easier for clinicians? Mindray R&D has the answer - MobiEye 700 Mobile Radiography System, a fully motorized system that embraces innovation and intelligent mobility. A fully-charged MobiEye 700 exposes up to 700 times, drives 70km, and operates 7 days. It brings insight with power and mobility at full vitality.

HyBase 8300/8500

Operating Table

Engineered for increasingly complex surgical scenes, HyBase 8300/8500 comes with extreme weight capacity and longitudinal slide. The modular design tabletop is tailored to meet various surgical discipline needs. At Turkey's top-notch Liv Hospital, Mindray's HyBase 8500 provides surgeons with the perfect platform of stability, making perfect combination with 4-armed Da Vinci surgical robot.

BeneView T8

Patient Monitor

Spotted in the same frame with Colin Firth in 2015's major motion picture Kingsman: The Secret Service, Mindray's hall-of-famer patient monitor BeneView T8 now sets its foot in movie stardom. Designed to provide comprehensive patient monitoring while simultaneously integrating and displaying patient information, T8 gives clinicians more diagnostic confidence and efficiency. While a guardian for the wounded hero in the movie, T8 is a life-guarding hero itself in real life's critical care areas.

We hope you enjoy Mindray's best of the bests in 2015 and have a most wonderful new year!