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iVocal: TE7's innovative voice command function

Mindray 2017-11-20

In today's fast-paced and crowded hospital settings, clinicians are challenged to deliver accurate patient assessments rapidly and to perform routine interventions quickly and effectively. Ultrasonography, especially Point-of-Care (POC) ultrasonography is a proven method to provide more efficient and cost-effective healthcare. However, there existed a number of situations where a clinician or sonographer may have difficulty completing the exam using only the console to manipulate an ultrasound system, and hence affecting work efficiency.

  • It is inconvenient to clinicians to physically reach both the console and the body part they need to scan during surgery, especially when performing an ultrasound-guided anaesthesia.

  • Working in operation rooms sets higher requirement for sterility environment. It calls for no immediate physical contact with the console to protect the patient against microorganisms.

  • Use of manual controls may lead to a repetitive stress disorder, causing the operator discomfort.

To address these clinical painpoints, Mindray unveiled iVocal, the voice activated command feature, on its TE7 Touch Screen Ultrasound System. This voice recognition function allows clinicians or sonographers to control the system by voice command alone. The application of voice control technology in ultrasound marks a big step forward for ultrasound workflow.

Clinicians can activate the voice recognition component of iVocal on TE7 by selecting the iVocal feature on the system and then tapping the Play button. With these simple clicks, the TE7 is all set to perform its tasks assigned by the operator via voice command. Watch the video and explore how iVocal increases your work efficiency:

By talking into a wireless microphone, clinicians can interact with the TE7 and command it to perform different tasks such as Scan Instruction, Image Adjustment Instruction, Mode Switch Instruction and etc.. Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, the TE7 with iVocal works as a medical assistant during examination, controlling the console of the ultrasound system in response to the spoken commands from the operator.

Voice activated command for hands-free operation is the newest feature designed to improve ease of use. The iVocal on TE7 offers an option for sterile remote control, helping to reduce workload and enhance diagnostic efficiency so that the doctors can focus more on patients. It exemplifies Mindray's commitment to introducing cutting edge applications to the industry for the maximum efficiency for clinicians and envisioning more possibilities in healthcare.

  • With iVocal, clinicians can hold the probe in one hand and the syringe in the other, without extra effort to reach for the unit to change parameters.

  • iVocal, the voice control of all major settings, allows the clinician to change the settings without touching the screen, a highly effective and safer option during sterile procedures.

  • Designed to improve efficiency while maintaining high exam quality for rapid patient-care decisions, iVocal enhances clinicians' scanning experience with more ease and comfort.

To meet the increasing demands for greater performance in POC ultrasound, Mindray rolled out the TE7 Touch Screen Ultrasound System in 2015. With unique intuitive gesture controls, TE7 extricates clinicians and sonographers from navigating around a knob-cluttered keyboard, providing them the maximum level of comfort during an exam.

From intuitive gesture controls to iVocal, TE7 evolves with clinicians' changing demands for diagnostic imaging and kick-starts a new era for POC ultrasound in the changing direction as intelligent partner to clinicians.

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