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The future of intensive care is boundless? Get Rio.

Mindray 2017-11-14

Disease knows no international boundaries.

Neither does medical expertise.

The future of health and medicine lies in the hands of medical experts that are sharing their knowledge, research and precious expertise across international borders for the well being of the human kind. As The World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine (WFSICCM) puts it in its 2017 Congress theme: there is no frontier for medical excellence.

From November 8 to 11, the 13th World Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine and 22nd Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Over 4000 healthcare practitioners were in Rio for the congress, including over 90 speakers from 33 different countries. This is the largest number of ICU experts that have gathered in Latin America for one single event. On November 7, the Congress elected commitee memebers for the World Federation, and Prof. Dr. Janice Zimmerman from the US was elected the new President of the WFSICCM.

As one of the extensive programs of the congress, a satellite symposium featuring over 280 clinicians around the world was held on November 8th, followed by a "ICU Experience Sharing" forum. As a leading medical equipment provider and a pioneer in the global healthcare industry, Mindray took active part in the events' organization.

Prof. Dr. Alexandre Marini Isola, Doctor Manager of Continued Education of Imedgroup and National coordinator of Course VENUTI - AMIB, spoke on “Asynchrony during mechanical ventilation: How to treat and detect” and “the ARDS challenges in Brazillian ICUs”.  Dr. Marcelo Alcantara Holanda, Professor at Statue University of Ceara – Pulmonology and Intensive Care Medicine,Creator and Developer of Xlung simulator software, shared experience about "ARDS: What’s new?". Prof. Isola and Prof. Holanda are renowned clinian-scholars whose researches mark the forefront of intensive and critical care medcine in Latin America.

The sharing on "Epidemiology of Spesis in china" by Prof. Dr. Du Bin, President-elect of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association in Intensive Care, also raised great interest in the academic communities at the forum. At this year's WFSICCM, Prof. Du was the leading clinician-scholar of the Chinese delegation who shared their most current studies with medical communities around the world.

Prof. Dr. Paolo Pelosi, Professor in Anaesthesiology and Head of the Speciality School in Anaesthesiology at the University of Genoa, Head of the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the IRCCS AOU San Martino IST in Genoa, gave a presentation focused on Ventilatory Strategies in Italian ICUs. Representing Europe's top intensive care academia, Prof. Pelosi was President of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) from 2010-2011 having previous held several positions in the ESA including Chairman of Guidelines Committee, the Research Committee and the Nomination Committee.

Other guest speakers also shared their insights from years of clinical experience and academic research. Prof. Dr. Xu Yuan and Prof. Dr. Zhang Xijing from China presented their latest intensive care medicine researches and studies with international counterparts. The symposium and forum were great success as medical experts from around the world exchanged insights in the current challenges and new approaches in intensive care medicine during panel discussion after the presentations.

Is there no boundary for medical excellence?

No, we believe not. Medical expertise is the most valuable asset of human healthcare. It’s experience that improve outcomes, skills that increase efficiency, and discerning minds that envision more possibilities.

Mindray is dedicated to brining better healthcare for all. And that means we will not only engage ourselves in creating equipment solutions that provide precision and confidence, but also in supporting medical expertise in international sharing to facilitate and enable collaborative efforts in research, training and education to raise standards of care and improve outcomes for patients.





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