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Mindray BC-6000 Series: envision higher value for ALL labs

Mindray 2017-12-15

The challenges faced by today's laboratories are multiple - high false positive ratio, the ongoing pressure for faster turnaround times (TAT), a sudden spike in the number of samples to be processed, and the list does not stop there.

Committed to the Voice Of the Customer (VOC) approach, Mindray not only listens to all these pain points of lab technicians and delivers the right laboratory solution, but it stays one step ahead of their needs by adding extra value to the products and services it provides. The newly launched BC-6000 Series Auto Hematology Analyzers are proof of that.

Before we go futher into details, here's a 3-minute video to give you a general idea about the BC-6000 Series.

The BC-6000 Series, including the Auto Hematology Analyzers BC-6000, BC-6200 and BC-6800Plus, as well as the Cellular Analysis Line CAL 6000, are developed to address real challenges observed and collected in frontline clinical settings. Inspired by the Voice Of the Customer and backed by innovative technologies, the BC-6000 Series delivers more than expected of hematology solution in terms of Value, Operation and Cost performance .


New SF cube cellular analysis technology

Inheriting from Mindray's high end hematology platforms, the SF cube cellular analysis technology is upgraded with newly designed optics and reagent systems. It can help doctors to better differentiate the clusters of cells, which is key to revealing more abnormal cells.

NRBC result in every CBC

In the WNB channel, Mindray BC-6000 Series Hematology Analyzers produce NRBC, Basophils and WBCs results without extra reagent or cost, and the actual number of NRBCs is measured in routine CBC. NRBCs do not usually appear in peripheral blood of healthy people except that of fetus or newborn babies. It can be well differentiated from Basophils and WBCs on the systems, which ensures more accurate WBC counting and helps doctors to diagnose hemolytic anemia and monitor hematopoietic diseases, thus reducing the ratio of manual review.

Body fluid tests

Besides blood samples, the BC-6000 Series can analyze peritoneal fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural fluid and synovial fluid to provide reportable parameters for RBC, WBC, WBC differential (polymorphonuclear &mononuclear) and total cell count (TC-BF). Moreover, for research use only, the systems provide differential results for Eosinophils, Neutrophils as well as High Fluorescent Cells (HF-BF*), which may include histiocytes, epithelial cells, spleen cells, ex-foliated cells etc. Such additional information improves the possibility of better clinical diagnosis.


More intuitive labXpert software

The labXpert software is a standard configuration of the BC-6000 Series for professional data analysis. Normally laboratory technicians have to pick out all suspected samples manually for blood smear and microscopic review, which puts tremendous pressure on laboratories and is prone to human errors. The labXpert software can automatically sort out the “suspected” samples for manual validation as per pre-defined rules. Pathologists then decide if rerun or microscopic review is warranted based on their clinical experience. It avoids wasting slides and reduces extra work. Moreover, the onboard automated “re-exam” functionality also helps enhance work efficiency.

The software also has more intuitive interface, with all necessary information shown on one screen for easier reveiw and manual validation.

Auto rerun and reflex

Auto rerun and reflex is another innovative feature of the BC-6000 Series to optimize operation process. Should the sample results trigger the pre-set criteria, the autoloader of the systems automatically returns the sample racks backwards for a rerun or reflex check.

Cost Performance+

Less reagents for routine tests

Compared to the last of similar model, the BC-6000 Series uses less reagents for routine complete blood count, 5-part differentiation and NRBC tests, saving more money for laboratories.

While the BC-6000 Series shares all the above technologies and benefits, each model has its own unique features, catering to laboratories with different needs.


Auto Hematology Analyzer

High performance for ALL

The BC-6000/6200 Auto Hematology Analyzer, though with more compact footprint -- down by 30% compared to the old model -- can both load up to 50 samples at a time and deliver a throughput of up to 110 tests per hour. What differentiates the two systems is that, in addition o the complete blood count, 5-part differentiation and NRBC count, the BC-6200 is also able to provide RET result.

CAL 6000

New Generation Cellular Analysis Line

Hematology automation within reach

The CAL 6000 Cellular Analysis Line connects two units of BC-6000 or BC-6200 Auto Hematology Analyzers and one unit of SC-120 Auto Slide Maker & Stainer. In an innovative benchtop package, the compact streamlined workstation saves valuable laboratory floor space. It delivers a fast throughput of up to 220 samples and 120 slides per hour.

While laboratory automation is becoming the norm, many health facilities and clinics are still limited to using standalone hematology analyzer and manual blood smear, mainly due to restricted space as well as tight budget for the costly, massive automation line. Therefore, Mindray CAL 6000 is designed to make hematology automation truly within reach.


Auto Hematology Analyzer

More than fast

The BC-6800Plus is a flagship model of the BC-6000 Series. It features an easily unmatched high throughput of 200 tests per hour, and a large storage of 100 samples tubes, which significantly enhances sample processing efficiency and enables longer walk-away time. It provides up to 44 reportable parameters and as many as 53 research parameters. With industry-leading high processing speed, robust functionality and dependable performance, the BC-6800Plus is a desirable standalone hematology analyzer for high-volume laboratories. The analyzer can be integrated into the CAL 8000 New Generation Cellular Analysis Line to cater to laboratories with much larger sample volumes.

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