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MEDICA 2017: Have you seen Messe Düsseldorf at 4am?

Mindray 2017-11-16

Every great story has a greater story behind the scene. It may not be pretty, but it's what makes the great, great.

"The place": Messe Düsseldorf exhibition space, Germany

5100 exhibitors

70 countries

17 halls

These are the quick facts of MEDICA 2017. For more than 40 years, MEDICA, the world's biggest medical equipment trade fair takes place every November at the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition space in Germany, making the venue one of the most familiar sites among healthcare professionals. Some simply call it "the place".

Every Novemeber, you suit up, get your hair groomed, and go to "the place", looking your best. Here you will meet over 130,000 healthcare professionals, clinicians, decision makers, people from all walks of the industry. You've come to make a blast, steal the spotlight, and turn all the heads.

Sleek, trendy, glamorous. You stand tall, and tell no one that you're up at 4am, looking like this:

4 hours is what it takes to look great for a trade show. But for business, it takes a lot more.

At this year's MEDICA, Mindray got a lot of media attention, attracting journalists from Germany, Belgium and China to the booth for interviews. Our filming crew, too, has the chance to catch Mindray's senior management on camera. Hear the stories of Mindray's global vision and key products.

Back to the future

A Boston Consulting Group's 2016 global challenger and The Economist's global innovation force, Mindray is growing fast and steady as a medical equipment solution provider. From a high-tech startup flying under the radar a few decades ago to a major player on the global stage, Mindray is not only setting new benchmarks for specific equipment categories such as patient monitoring and ultrasound, but has set out to lead new waves in innovation of the healthcare industry.

When asked about Mindray's vision for the future, Group President Cheng Minghe told journalists that it is Mindray's core values to align with customers and build technological innovations around their needs. Caregivers and their organizations call for enhanced efficiency to face future challenges. Mindray solutions are created to answer that call.

The story behind:

In 2000, Mindray attended MEDICA for the first time with a tiny booth and less than a dozen monitoring devices for showcase. Mr. Cheng still has the picture of himself standing in that booth.

Since that year Mindray started growing rapidly in the global market place. To date, Mindray solutions are serving healthcare proiders in more than 190 countries in the world. It's a world of diversity, and clinical needs vary in different places. But with the customer-centric approach to innovation, the company is sure to have a great prospect for the future.

Mindray at MEDICA 2000, Messe Düsseldorf, Germany

Mindray at MEDICA 2017, Messe Düsseldorf, Germany

A very long engagement

Intelligence engages medical expertise. In Mindray's innovations for more intelligent equipment solutions, it is not rare that doctors, nurses and laboratory researchers take part in the R&D. The BeneVision Paitent Monitoring Solution, for example, is a product that came from in-depth studies of clinical needs, and designed to address the clincal pain points.

The story behind:

Take industrial design as an example. In the creation of BeneVision N22/N19 Patient Monitors, Mindray engineers spend over 4 years studying the working habits of ICU doctors and nurses in various hospitals.Their needs to view longer waveforms and more parameters vary from case to case with different patients. And that is why Mindray created the world's first rotatable patient monitor with both landscape and portrait views, which perfectly addresses clinical needs with maximum flexibility.

BeneVision N22 at MEDICA 2017

BeneVision N22 at work with ICU clinicians at the CHU de Toulouse, France

Pride and prejudice

"It's particularly tough, and not easily impressed, especially with a lot of domestic competitors locally." says Anders Bang, General Manager of Mindray Germany, about his local German market. "We do take pride in 'made in Germany' with brand names like Mercedes and BMW. The only survival tip in this market is good quality and innovation."

From the openning of the Frankfurt office in 2008, Mindray Germany has successfully established a solid market stance for Mindray. The products speak for themselves, and the excellent service support adds to customer satisfaction. To date, Mindray solutions have achieved a wide range of success in mid-size hospitals and many of Germany's top teaching hospitals.

The story behind:

A typical European, born and raised, Anders' first hearing of Mindray was in 2000 when his friend travelled to Shenzhen, and told him that "this company is going to grow fast". Later on, he worked with Mindray as a business partner, and witnessed in person the tremendous growth and progress the company made before he decided to accept the offer and become General Manager of Mindray Germany. "Was I skeptical? Yes, at first, Germans are not easily impressed. But with what we've achieved in this tough market, I go out and stand tall, telling people that 'WE ARE MINDRAY', we are proud to be." says Anders.

BeneVision N Series with CMS at MEDICA 2017

BeneVision N Series at Klinikum Lünen, Germany

Not only in Germany, Mindray solutions have won acknowledgement from clinicians in top tier hospitals in Europe, the US, and other highly developed markets such as Australia and Singapore, ranking #3 in patient monitoring and anesthesia in global market share for example.

A tale of two cities

The ultrasound systems showcased at this year's MEDICA attract the attention of many visitors and media. Among them the most eye-catching is the Resona Series. Based on the innovative software-driven ZST+ platform, Resona Series is an intelligent medical imaging system that evolves with clinician's changing demands for diagnostic imaging. Powered by Zone Intelligence, Resona Series provides a total solution to enhance diagnostic confidence, efficiency, and standardization across different diagnostic challenges in today’s demanding and overburden hospital environment.

"With the Resona premium system, we are able to attract more clincial experts from Europe to work with us, to make diagnosis faster and easier." Willy Luiten, Director of Mindray European Ultrasound Sales and Marketing, tells us. Indeed the Resona Series is the result of learning from the professional experience and skill of doctors , and also of the close synergy between Mindray R&D in the US and in China.

The story behind:

Mindray's Silicon Valley Innovation Center is focused on medical imaging that delivers exceptional image quality across key clinical applications. Resona's ZST+ platform is developed by R&D experts here in cooperation with Mindray's corporate R&D in Shenzhen headquarters.

Mindray Innovation Center, Silicon valley, USA

Dedicated to advanced ultrasound technologies.

American beauty

As the world's biggest medical trade fair, MEDICA attracts healthcare professionals from all around the world. And that includes the United States. Besides Glen, two of Mindray North America's senior management members are also on site with us at Messe Düsseldorf.

Wayne Quinn, President of Mindray North America, and Jeff Corliss, Senior Director of Marketing, are happy to share with us the success of Mindray in the US market.

The story behind:

Mindray's performance in the US market has been impressive. According to iData research studies, one out of eight anesthesia delivery systems sold in the US is made by Mindray. The company ranks #3 in the US point-of-care ultrasound segment. Data has it that Mindray systems are in use at more than 2/3 of American hospitals, and at 9 of the10 US cardiac hospitals.

Jeff Corliss, Senior Director of Marketing, Mindray North America, with A7 Anesthesia Workstation at MEDICA 2017. 1 out of 8 anesthesia delivery systems sold in the US is made by Mindray.

TE7 Touch Screen Ultrasound System at MEDICA 2017. TE7 is a focused system for POC applications.

Envision more global presence

MEDICA reflects the trends and developments in the medical equipment sector and is a significant platform for Mindray to showcase its achievements and vision for the future of medical care. Mindray's participation in MEDICA underscores the company's increasing global presence and its commitment to share medical technologies with the world.

Group VP and General Manager of International Sales and Marketing David Yin tells us that Mindray will continue to take active part in bringing healthcare within reach by technological innovation and close cooperation with medical experts.

The story behind:

With international branches in 33 countries and solutions serving healthcare providers in more than 190 countries, Mindray has established an extensive global network of R&D, Sales, Marketing and Service Support. With the vision to bring better healthcare for all, Mindray is dedicated to envisioning more possibilities to provide the best support possible to medical expertise.

This is the story of Mindray at MEDICA 2017. Great stories are not written in a day, it takes years, decades, and longer commitment to the dedication.

Always envision more.

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