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Ether Dome: meet the world's finest minds in anesthesiology

Mindray 2017-10-27

On the morning of October 16th 1846, Boston dentist William Thomas Green Morton, with the help of Henry Jacob Bigelow, conducted a demonstration of using ether to anesthetize patient Edward Gilbert Abbott at the operation theater of Massachusetts General Hospital. John Collins Warren, the first dean of Harvard Medical School, then painlessly removed part of a tumor from Abbott's neck.

It was the world's first public demonstration of the use of inhaled ether as sugical anesthetic, and that operation theater is now known as Ether Dome where the American Society of Anesthesiologists annual conference is held every October.

On Oct 21st 2017, at the invitation of MGH Vice President Harry Orf and Chief of Anesthesia and Critical Care Jeanine Wiener-Kronish, 12 renowned Chinese anesthesia professors including Prof. Dr. XIONG Lize, President of CSA and Dean of Xijing Hospital, attended the high-level research forum with international experts from MGH, other Harvard affiliated hospitals and all around the world at the Ether Dome.

Envision the future: China is catching up with the world's  leading anesthesia clinical research

Chinese anesthesiologists are known for their diligence, working for long hours with good delivery and providing a huge clinical research data base for China and the world. These have all contributed to the evolution of China's clinical researches on anesthesia. Widely acknowledged by the international medical community, Chinese anesthesists are conducting researches on the world's first rate level.

During the 2017 forum, 6 Chinese professors shared their researches with new perspectives, study methods and research outcomes that amazed all forum attendees. "Phenomenal!" commented some of the professors.

left:Prof. Dr. XIONG Lize on Neuroprotection Study,Updates from Our Perspective

right:Prof. Dr. WANG Tianlong on Neuroinflammation and Perioperative Cognitive Protection

left: Prof. Dr. CAO Junli on Mesolimbic Reward Circuitry and Sensory Modulation of Chronic Pain

right: Prof. Dr. WANG Dongxin on Delirium prevention: Does it improve long-term outcome?

left: Prof. Dr. DONG Hailong on the Neural Circuit Mechanisms of General Anesthesia

right: Prof. Dr. LI Qian (on hehalf of LIU Jin) on Does BIS Monitoring Improve Perioperative Outcome?

United by Research, Driven by Hope:

Together on the medical science development for all

Prof. Dr. Harry Orf, Vice President of MGH, openned the forum with a speech titled "United by Research, Driven by Hope" in which he emphasized that there is no boundary between doctors from different countires as the medical community is a whole. He is surprised to learn that the progress of China's anesthesiology has come so far, and wishes doctors from China, US and all around the world can work together on medical science development for all. Jeanine Wiener-Kronish, Chief of Anesthesia and Critical Care from MGH, also shared her latest anesthesia clinical research along with 7 others speakers.

left: Prof. Dr. Harry Orf(MGH) giving Opening Speech - United by Research, Driven by Hope

right: Prof. Dr. XIE Zhongcong, host of the forum, on Age Dependent Anesthesia Neurotoxicity via Energy/Nuak1/Tau Signaling Pathway

left: Jeanine Wiener-Kronish(MGH) on Brain Health in Anesthesia

right: Daniel Talmor(Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) on Pulmonary physiology at the Bedside

left: Keith Miller(MGH) on Mechanisms of General Anesthetics on GABAa Receptors

right: Doug Raines(MGH) on Etomidate Analogs as Clinical Drugs

Forum gleaning:

thumbs up from the Harvard Club

Insight exchange on the most current topics of anesthesiology went on between experts after the forum at the Harvard Club of Boston, where renowed anesthesists/scholars discussed forefront researches of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine worldwide.

Expressing their appreciation for such high-level communication and knowledge exchange platforms, the foregoers of anesthesiology recognized Mindray's contribution to enhancing international expertise exchange as a leading medical solution provider. For 26 years since our foundation, Mindray has been dedicated to supporting clinicians around the world with not only the best equipment solutions, but also pathways to exchange valuable knowledge and expertise across borders. With the vision to bring better healthcare for all, Mindray will keep the dedication in building solid support for medical experts.

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