Wahyu Handayani
When I joined Mindray Indonesia in April 2013 as a Business Coordinator, I had no experience at all in Medical devices company. Despite of this, I am very fortunate that everyone in Mindray is willing to give me support, and to share their knowledge and experience.With all the help, I have become more and more familiar with work flow and learn to solve problems on my own.

One of the greatest journey in life is learning from the experience. After more than two years of working in Mindray, I have discovered that not only the soft skills I manage to enhance, but also more professional I become towards my clients and colleagues, and I am still on my way. Although there are difficulties and challenges every day, our logistic team deal with them as a team. On the other hand, we also appreciate other teams' support.

Working in Mindray feels like I am having another family. Together we have been through training, competition and sometimes disputes, but our goal remains the same -to provide the best service to our customers. I am really happy to be a part of Mindray.

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