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uMEC Series Patient Monitor

Mindray 2016-05-02

With 25 years of experience in patient monitoring and deep insights into clinical workflow and needs, Mindray has created uMEC series patient monitor. Featuring greater cost-efficiency and better utility, it is tailor made for hospitals with tight budget. With elegant appearance, advanced performance, superior usability, and reliable stability, uMEC series patient monitor is guaranteed to give you exceptional user experience.

Advanced performance

uMEC series patient monitor can enhance clinician’s diagnostic confidence by offering precise and stable measurements of essential parameters. Its large storage capacity and extended battery life make the monitor a great help for the overburdened clinicians. Furthermore, it adopts the up-to-date mobile communication technology, 5G WiFi, to facilitate faster transmission of data.

Essentially advanced measurements

Long battery working time

Superior usability

uMEC series patient monitor has intuitive user interface and touch screen, which offers easier accessibility for new users. Its innovative accessories cabinet design facilitates cable management and simplifies cleaning. The thoughtful design of 10 degree elevation angle enables caregivers to view the display data more conveniently.

HR/BP analysis

User-friendly interfaces and touch screen

Unique accessory cabinet

Reliable stability

uMEC series patient monitor is made of sturdier materials, and has passed a series of strict electrical safety and reliability tests. It is extremely durable and suitable for different environments.

High-quality accessories

Drop protection

Compatible with multiple cleaning agents

With all-rounded advantages in performance and functionality, Mindray new uMEC series patient monitor can help hospitals deliver quality health care.