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DC-40 | Scanning with Exceptional Capability

Mindray 2016-06-01

Quality healthcare within reach is always the promise made by Mindray. By breaking down the barriers through innovative technology, Mindray now is proud to introduce new generation of shared service ultrasound DC-40, which delivers optimum image quality with a wider range of clinical applications.

With the DC-40’s exceptional capability, increased efficiency and gorgeous design, it’s definitely the best practical machine for confident scanning.

Enhanced diagnostic confidence for you

Benefitting from technology migrated from established ultrasound systems, the DC-40 guarantees exceptional image quality. Powered by imaging technologies including iClear, iBeam, PSH and the wide range transducer family, the DC-40 is a practical machine for confident scanning.

Exceptional capability for you

The DC-40 delivers a range of tools that maximize diagnostic accuracy. Covering General Imaging, OB/GYN and Cardiology, the DC-40 provides complete solutions including Natural Touch Elastography, advanced 4D imaging with iLive & iPage, Auto IMT, UWN Contrast Imaging, TDI & TDI QA, Free Xros M and FreeXros CM.

Thyroid Nodule with Elastography

4D iPage

IMT of Common Carotid Artery

Increased efficiency for you

Mindray understands the market demand for optimal user experience. The 10.4’’ touch screen guarantees ease-of-use and helps reduce the daily work burden, while the compact design and built-in battery ensures maximum mobility.