C. R. Bala Venkat
Before joined Mindray, I had almost 15 years experience of handling various instruments in both diagnostics and blood bank field. But experience with Mindray for the past two years has been quite different to all my former career.

My position as the senior service engineer in Mindray makes me focus, not only on national and regional partnership for technical and spares support, but also on RRC (Reagent rental contract) projects handling, where we have direct contact with the customer for high end equipments supplied in four states of southern India. In addition, Mindray's product diversification with rapid introduction of equipments for the market need, has surprised our Indian customers and consequently increased our value as well. As instrumentation is my very interest, I feel that I am right now in the right place.

The diversified and unique culture of Mindray’s team in India also inspires me a lot. No matter the sales or the service team, my colleagues are all very supportive in ensuring service delivery to customer satisfaction. I feel grateful to my team and company who have always understood and supported me. I feel proud to be part of the big family.

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