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Zone Intelligence: Envision More Expertise

Mindray 2018-01-23

What is the most valuable asset of human healthcare?

Clinical expertise.

It’s experience that improve outcomes.

Skills that increase efficiency.

And discerning minds that envision more possibilities.


of such critical importance is however,

limited and precious.

We need more.

Collaborating with Great Minds

Clinical expertise is crucial to the development of human healthcare. However, the abilities of one doctor cannot easily be replicated. Through the collaboration with renowned medical practitioners and top notch academics, every product of Mindray becomes the joint effort of clinical expertise and the most cutting-edge technology with state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

Dr. Edward A. Lyons is among the first medical experts involved in the invention of Zone Intelligence. As a Professor from the University of Manitoba in Canada, he had over 50 years of experience in the field. His collaboration with Mindray started since the early 2000s. The suggestions form Dr. Lyons as an experienced clinical experts became a crucial part of the product development. Thereafter, Zone Intelligence has grown from a concept to a revolutionary platform that evolves. More importantly, the collaboration with Dr. Lyons gave Mindray R&D engineers a precious opportunity to be in the real clinical scenario and to improve the engineering outcome and to maximize the quality.

More expertise was involved in the development of Zone Intelligence. Home to one of the biggest medical ultrasound team in China, Shenzhen People’s Hospital medical imaging department kept a strategic cooperation with Mindray. Experts and technicians from Mindray R&D visits the hospital on a regular basis to discuss trending medical developments and listen to the needs of clinicians. During this collaboration, Smart Planes of Zone Intelligence came into being.

Due to the unpredictable position of fetus inside the uterus, the fetal MSP acquisition can be time-consuming. Now after acquiring a 3D fetal brain volume image, by simply hitting one button, the standard CNS scanning planes and a range of related anatomical measurements could be obtained immediately. More accuracy coupled with automated operation, Zone Intelligence, brings out a faster diagnosis for experts this time.

“It has always been a tradition of Mindray R&D to involve our end-users, clinicians and medical experts in the development and research of Mindray products. We kept a close relationship with the medical community, to understand their needs which became the driving force of our innovation” said He Xujin, Managing Director of Mindray Medical Imaging System Business Unit.

More in the Future

Powered by advanced acoustic acquisition, channel data storage and living technology with software based processing, the revolutionary ZST+ platform lays a solid foundation for Zone intelligence. With accurate image quality originated from the platform, Zone Intelligence builds up a truly smart mechanism by deep learning based on clinical expertise and raw data. Thereafter, it is able to provide multiple intelligent retrospective processing, leading to efficient and effective image visualization, plane recognition, measurement, and image enhancement.

In simple words, Zone Intelligence is a revolutionary innovation that takes ultrasound imaging to another level. However, Zone Intelligence is more than that. As foundational platform, Zone Intelligence is a living technology with unlimited potential.

The Multi-center study on dual-mode elastic imaging started from July 2016 in Shenzhen. The project engaged clinicians from over 10 hospitals in the country. Based on the extraordinary performance of Zone Intelligence in elastography imaging, experts from the research center are able to collect considerable amount of clinical data, therefore becoming valuable data input for Zone Intelligence, guiding more medical practitioners in making confident diagnosis.

Mindray believes medical expertise is at the heart of healthcare. It is the knowledge, skills and experience of medical professionals that are key to advancing innovation. Mindray works hand-in-hand with medical clinicians, to ensure our solutions are truly intelligent, relevant and accessible. We share clinical expertise with the world, to envision more possibilities in healthcare.