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What is a pelvic floor disorder?

Mindray 2018-10-17

It may surprise you that pelvic floor disorder is much more common to women than people thought it is - studies show that nearly 25% of adult women aged under 40 have to be faced with accidental urinary leakage when running or coughing, which means that this disturbing and embarrassing siutation can potentially happen to every one out of four adult women.

Thankfully clinicians have figured out what's going wrong. The pelvic floor disorder is the inability to control the muscles of the pelvic floor and contains Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) and Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). Running, coughing, lifting and even laughing can trigger SUI & POP.

Symptoms of urinary or bowel leakage bring a lot of embarrassment and shame, but many women suffer without realizing that there are effective evidence-based treatment solutions. Therefore, it is imperative to break that stigma and create a safe and efficient diagnosis system that can provide accurate evaluations of pelvic floor disorder.

Many modalities such as CT, MR can support pelvic floor examination, but ultrasound should be the best choice because it frees patients from radiation and cost-effectively provides real-time results.

Mindray's Intelligent Pelvic Floor Solution, brings two evaluation methods for pelvic floor disorder diagnosis, one is Auto Anterior Compartment Evaluation, and the other one is Auto Levator Hiatus Evaluation.

Auto Anterior Compartment Evaluation

Auto Anterior Compartment Evaluation provides 2D analysis once the Middle Sagittal Plane data is acquired. With the standardized coordination system, measurements, including BSD, RVA, UTA, can be calculated much easier and three times faster than manual operations. User-friendly indicators are also provided for a clear comparison between anatomical structures and ultrasound images.

Auto Levator Hiatus Evaluation

Auto Levator Hiatus Evaluation provides 3D analysis with volume data obtained. The auto-trace of levator hiatus can be completed within a second and measurements of anteroposterior hiatal diameter, lateral hiatal diameter, levator hiatus area, and other parameters can be acquired five times faster than manual operations.

Intelligent Pelvic Floor Solution also supports measurements of Rest and Valsalva status to analyze the comprehensive pathogenic manifestations of the pelvic floor structure.

With efficient, standardized and user-friendly Intelligent Pelvic Floor Solution, clinical experts can empower patients by educating pelvic health and providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to improve their quality of life.

When some may find it difficult to speak out about gynecological diseases, there is nothing to be concerned or embarrassed about. The misleading steroetype of pelvic floor disorder can be avoided, as Mindray is constantly exploring ultrasound innovations on obstetrics and gynecology to take care of women and their loved ones.

Always standing by patients' side and solving the problem, Mindray is dedicated to bringing healthcare within reach.