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The Big Dipper Caring for Your Health - BeneVision Family

Mindray 2018-12-27

Shining in the sky of the northern hemisphere, the Big Dipper is always up there guiding the way for travelers at night.

In Medicine, Mindray has been consistently seeking for such an effective and premium monitoring system that can lead the way to safe treatment and reliable healthcare for both patients and caregivers.

Like a guiding star pointing to the right direction of safe healthcare, Mindray's BeneVision Patient Monitoring Solution reaches a new altitude in ease of use, clinical performance and informatics technology. With eye-opening innovations that integrate seamlessly into a smart monitoring experience for caregivers and patients, the BeneVision solution is set to redefine the future of advanced patient monitoring.

The entire BeneVision solution includes the N-Series bedside monitors, the highly compact N1 transport monitor, the central monitoring system, the TM80 telemetry and matching IT solutions. The series has been widely recognised and used by prestigious and leading hospitals in Europe, and of course, over the world.

As the year draws to a close, one more exciting news to announce to mark a perfect ending to 2018 -- BeneVision N Series has just obtained the FDA approval, paving the way for its debut next year in North America, the most strictly supervised medical device market in the world -- an example speaking volumes for the excellent performance and quality of BeneVision N Series.

As a trusted medical partner, Mindray will keep fulfilling our vision to bring healthcare within reach. With BeneVision N Series, we make the Big Dipper keep shining over the way to the advanced and accessible healthcare for people in need.