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Mindray SAL Series: Optimizing Workflow by Seamless Integration

Mindray 2018-03-14

Today's laboratories are faced with the challenges of delivering high quality testing services with restricted resources. Mindray's SAL Integrated System series provides the solution.

Mindray Serum Automation Line (SAL) series includes the SAL 8000 and the SAL 6000, two high performance modular systems connecting seamlessly clinical chemistry analyzer with immunoassay analyzer. By delivering fast, reliable results of clinical chemistry and immunoassay tests on one platform, the systems are designed to optimize your laboratory workflow and achieve maximum efficiency.

SAL 8000

Integrated System

The SAL 8000 is a high-volume system connecting the BS-2000M, one of the fastest chemistry analyzers in the industry with a throughput of 2,000 photometric tests per hour and 2,200 tests per hour with ISE, and the CL-2000i, a high sensitive chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer delivering 240 tests per hour and providing 36 reagent positions.

SAL 6000

Integrated System

The SAL 6000 is the consolidation of the CL-2000i and the BS-800M Clinical Chemistry Analyzer which processes 800 photometric tests per hour and 1,200 tests per hour with ISE.

With seamless integration, Mindray SAL series achieves much more than the two stand-alone analyzers combined.

Simplified workflow, improved productivity

The systems simplify laboratory work processes by conducting both clinical chemistry and immunoassay tests on one platform. Only one tube of blood sample is needed for both tests without additional aliquot. Moreover, the single user interface simplifies workflow and enhances productivity.

All advanced technologies in one

Mindray SAL Integrated System series benefits from the most advanced technologies in clinical chemistry and chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA). The clinical chemistry unit is equipped with enhanced optical system and the high precision aspirating technology; it can detect sample clot and reagent bubble to ensure accurate testing; and the enzymatic linearity extension function on Mindray's chemistry software platform can avoid false negative results on enzyme tests. The chemiluminescence platform utilizes the non-touch vortex mixing, 4-step magnetic separation, and the high sensitivity ALP+AMPPD system to enhance testing performance, and uses bottom piercing and auto switch technologies to reduce substrate waste and contaminations.

Intelligent rack delivery design

The systems offer a large capacity of 300 samples and support non-stop continuous loading of samples. An STAT button allows to push normal racks back and load the STAT rack immediately. The uniquely designed rack delivery mechanism with a manipulator assembly can distribute sample racks efficiently to provide quick responses, especially for STAT and rerun tests.

The systems can also distribute samples intelligently between chemistry and immunoassay platform to improve productivity.

Minimizing carry-over

The SAL 6000 and the SAL 8000 have special carry-over prevention methods to guarantee accuracy of test results. For example, there is an intelligent rack distribution principle for highly sensitive tests such as HIV and HBsAg; enhanced probe washing is also adopted to avoid sample and reagent cross contaminations. The close system on the chemistry platform can manage the reagent carry-over pairs intelligently, by applying additional special wash or modifying testing sequence to minimize carry-over and ensure result accuracy.

Flexible onsite consolidation

To cater to customers' evolving needs, Mindray's stand-alone analyzers BS-800M and BS-2000M can be consolidated into the SAL 6000 or the SAL 8000 onsite.

Broad test menu

So far Mindray provides more than 100 parameters for clinical chemistry and immunoassay tests, covering a broad range of panels including thyroid, fertility, tumor marker, infectious disease, and a lot more. For infectious disease assays, Mindray has received CE mark for HBV and HIV tests.

Mindray becomes first Chinese company to obtain List A CE mark

Mindray SAL Integrated System series optimizes laboratory workflow substantially while delivering high quality performance of clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing through flexible consolidation and automation. Many laboratories and healthcare facilities across the world are opting for Mindray's SAL 6000 and SAL 8000 to achieve standardized laboratory management and better patient care.