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Meet the medical technology company that makes ... films?

Mindray 2018-01-12

Sunday's Golden Globe Awards was a night packed with memorable moments, from Seth Meyer's topical monologue, James Franco's controversial winning to Oprah's empowering speech about women, equality and the sexual harrassment allegations in Hollywood and beyond. The glitzy ceremony left us with tons of hot topics and most importantly, films and television series that have entertained, enlightened, and inspired us.

Films are artifacts created to communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty and vision. They are made to record with honesty, and to envision with future prospects. Here is our rundown of the motion pictures that have recorded the year 2017 for Mindray.

Mindray in Motion Picture 2017

Envision More

What is at the heart of human healthcare? Clinical expertise. It’s the experience that improves outcomes, skills that increase efficiency, and discerning minds that envision more possibilities.

Mindray's opening film of the year, Envision More, is about our dedication to support clinical expertise with more intelligent medical solutions and more knowledge exchange initiatives around the globe. Watch the film, and envision more with us:

Envision More:Intelligence enhances clinical expertise

With You Every Step of the Way

When Wollongong Private Hospital opened in January 2016, CEO David Crowe had a vision for a state-of-the art facility that would attract doctors and patients from Sydney hospitals. He envisioned a hospital with the latest technology that would improve procedures and patient care every step of the way.

Has David's vision been accomplished? And what challenges did he have to face in the pursuit of excellence? Watch his story:

With you every step of the way

LA LA Toulouse

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Toulouse is France's largest premier reference hospital with 14 medical centers and 2,880 beds. Being a national top ranking medical institution for 15 consecutive years, CHU de Toulouse maintains the highest clinical standards for the 230,000 inpatients and 660,000 consultations it receives every year.

Caregivers of CHU de Toulouse's ICU believe life can be beautiful even in the ICU. Live music, tenderness, dignity and love. Watch their story and sense the beauty of living, of life:

CHU de Toulouse: better living in intensive care

Sunderland by the Sea

In 2012, Sunderland Royal Hospital began building its new Integrated Critical Care Unit(ICCU). Planning a new ICCU unit from scratch meant the Sunderland Royal Hospital could design around modern healthcare priorities of patient comfort, ease of care, and safety, bringing together advanced patient care technology and architectural considerations.

The new ICCU has a capacity of 18 beds and offers service to about 1200 patients annually. How do clinicians keep themselves informed of patient conditions anywhere they are around the unit without compromising patient privacy and dignity? It is all about design. Watch story:

Sunderland by the Sea

Guardians of the E.R.

The Emergency Department of UZ Leuven receives 55,000 patients per year, most of them in critical conditions. This requires clinicians to make quick diagnosis for the right treatment, in which every piece of patient information counts. What they need is far more than a heart rate or blood pressure, but some of the most advanced monitoring parameters. Let's find out what modern technology has brought for ER clinicians at UZ Leuven:

UZ Leuven: a seamless future for the ER

All Intelligence Leads to Ease

As a high-end ventilator featured with 1080P HD wide screen, SV800/SV600 combines an intuitive customized UI with powerful assistive tools and modules. It enables clinicians to make life supporting much more easily and enjoy the unprecedented operational freedom, decision-making freedom and connecting freedom in the hectic clinical environment. Visitors can also see our digital OR solution with Mindray's diversified surgical product portfolio. Get to know SV800/SV600:

SAL Serum Automation Lines

This is no science fiction. Mindray SAL Serum Automation Lines are high-performance integrated systems connecting seamlessly the chemistry analyzers BS-800M or BS-2000 with the chemiluminescence immunology analyzer CL-2000i. By delivering fast, reliable results of both clinical chemistry and immunology tests on one platform, the systems are designed to optimize your laboratory workflow and achieve maximum efficiency. Discover SAL Serum Automation Lines:

Higher Value for All Labs

The challenges faced by today's laboratories are multiple - high false positive ratio, the ongoing pressure for faster turnaround times (TAT), a sudden spike in the number of samples to be processed, and the list does not stop there. Committed to the Voice Of the Customer (VOC) approach, Mindray not only listens to all these pain points of lab technicians and delivers the right laboratory solution, but it stays one step ahead of their needs by adding extra value to the products and services it provides. The newly launched BC-6000 Series Auto Hematology Analyzers are proof of that. Discover BC-6000:

Mindray BC-6000 Series: envision higher value for ALL labs

Redefining POC

Point-of-Care (POC) ultrasonography is a proven method to provide more efficient and cost-effective healthcare in today's fast-paced hospital settings. Mindray unveiled iVocal, the voice activated command feature, on its TE7 Touch Screen Ultrasound System. This voice recognition function allows clinicians or sonographers to control the system by voice command alone. The application of voice control technology in ultrasound marks a big step forward for ultrasound workflow. Discover the new iVocal feature on TE7:

iVocal: TE7's innovative voice command function

Zone Intelligence for Enhanced Expertise

With accurate image quality originated from the ZST+ platform, Zone Intelligence builds up a smart mechanism by deep learning based on clinical expertise and raw data, providing multiple intelligent retrospective processing, leading to efficient and effective image visualization, plane recognition, measurement, and image enhancement. In consequence, Zone Intelligence establish, able to facilitate clinical experts for enhanced diagnostic confidence. Watch Zone Intelligence with medical experts:

The year 2017 presented us with so many memorable moments to record in motion pictures. We hope you've enjoyed the recap. The past has been great, and the future is more.

Stay tuned with Mindray, and Envision More.