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Episode I : A story origins from Insight

Mindray 2018-04-27

Inspired by the needs of clinical experts, Mindray always adopts advanced technologies and transforms them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach. “The technology story behind X-Insight is Mindray’s deep insight into clinical needs,” said He Xujin, General Manager of Mindray Imaging System Division. By transforming the insight to solution, here begins the story.

Insight into Clinical Needs

In more and more clinical scenarios, ultrasound has shown to be equally effective in its diagnostic capability, with a distinct advantage in safety and cost. Across different changes and challenges in today's demanding and overburdened hospital environment, clinical experts always ask for more from an ultrasound system.

 someone who can guide to operate on the ultrasound systemDiagnosis on technically-difficult patient with confidenceLarger screen to visualize more diagnostic informationIt is easy to get familiar with the work flowHigh 2D resolution and penetrationBe capable to manage Heavy Daily Patient VolumeIntuitive interface and easy to useSensitive color display for tiny vessels

Mindray believes medical expertise is key to advancing innovation.This is why our R&D team always keeps close relationship with clinical experts who share thoughts and ideas to improve diagnostic quality. With deep insight into clinical needs, there comes the focus of

High Efficiency with Precision Imaging .

Insight into Ultrasound Technology

Driven by eight global R&D centers and joint efforts of Sino-America engineering talents, Mindray is continuously exploring new ways to advance ultrasound technology. Based on the insight into clinical needs, Mindray is dedicated to providing a solution to deal with what clinical experts need and care the most, helping them to manage their daily work with more ease and certainty.

Transforming Insight to Solution

With insight into clinical needs and cutting-edge ultrasound technology, Mindray brings out X-Insight, a cart-based ultrasound system solution. Full of vitality, X-Insight is constantly evolving with increased scalability.

X-Insight to Envision More

Designed to deliver high efficiency with precision imaging, X-Insight is empowered by Immediate Clarity, All-Smart Exams and Comfortable Experience.

Immediate Clarity

Powered by X-engine with thunder-speed imaging, X-Insight provides a full range of cutting-edge transducers to achieve more clarity with less efforts.

All-Smart Exams

The smart exams throughout the entire examination workflow, from plane acquisition to image optimization, and from calculation to exam protocol, improves scanning efficiency with more accuracy and consistency.

Comfortable Experience

With outstanding ease-of-use ergonomics design, easier scanning and flexible management, X-Insight provides superior user experience throughout the whole scanning process for high quality exams.

The future of patient care and clinical requirements are vastly changing. With ultrasound technology constantly evolving, Mindray is listening to the voice of customers, and provides the most advanced solution for high efficiency with precision imaging.

To learn more about X-Insight, stay tuned with us for the next episode.