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BeneVision N1, connecting the vision

Mindray 2018-03-26

Please check out the official launching video of BeneVision N1, designed for uninterrupted monitoring during intra and out-of-hospital patient transport. Powered by Mindray’s latest advanced monitoring technologies, BeneVision N1 provides a solution that connects the vision for caregivers throughout the entire care process.

Palm-sized performer with maximum reliability

The BeneVision N1 Patient Monitor is an extremely compact transport solution that integrates full monitoring functions. And it fits right in your hand. The palm-sized monitor provides clear views from all angles with HD display touchscreen, as well as the streamlined workflow with intuitive operation. Ruggedly built for maximum reliability during patient transport, BeneVision N1 supports IP44 grade dust/waterproof resistance and 6-surface 1.2m drop endurance. Its robust design eliminates concerns about accidental liquid splashing and dropping during patient transport.

Stay informed at every point of care

In compliance with out-of-hospital patient transport standards such as EN1789, EN13718-1, IEC60601-1-12 and U.S. military standards, BeneVision N1 is a highly competent solution for various out-of-hospital transport settings both on land and in the air. Specially designed for inter-hospital transport, the BeneVision N1 Transport Docking Station provides stability for both air and ground transport, and its embedded AC power adapter ensures dual-source power during transport.

Never miss out throughout the entire care process

The connectivity capabilities of BeneVision N1 enable it to follow a patient throughout the entire care process, ensuring data continuity for patient-centric monitoring, thereby improving overall information management efficiency. BeneVision N1 transforms patient care by adapting to patient’s needs across the hospital enterprise – from a plug-and-play module, to transport, to a stand-alone bedside monitor – BeneVision N1 provides maximum flexibility while maintaining continuity of patient information and the speedy workflow.

One monitor, multiple solutions

BeneVision N1 adapts to the clinical needs across the hospital from a plug-and-play module, to transport, to a stand-alone bedside monitor. It can be connected to the BeneVision N-series bedside monitor as a module, or function as an independent bedside monitor. BeneVision N1 is compatible with the BeneView T-series Patient Monitors and all accessories of BeneView T1. The state-of-the-art UI design enables intuitive operation, which saves hospital resources and costs in staff training.

Integrating Mindray’s latest monitoring technology to address clinical needs, BeneVision N1 is designed to provide caregivers and hospitals with more value and efficiency. And as an honor member of Mindray’s BeneVision N-series family, BeneVision N1 is awarded as Discipline Product of the 2018 iF DESIGN AWARD. Winning an iF DESIGN AWARD, for BeneVision N1, is the seal of excellence. For caregivers, it is a symbol of trust that BeneVision N1 will not miss even one second of patient monitoring and always be a lifeguard for those in need.