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A Look Back at the Mindray Moments in 2017

Mindray 2017-12-29

We passed the year of 2017 together, and a brand new 2018 is about to arrive on schedule. Bid farewell to the old year as the New Year comes, and greet the New Year as everything is fresh again. It is time to recap the year by commemorating the moments that have made 2017 unforgettable.

A Year of Recognition

In 2017, the innovative technology, reliable quality and responsive services of Mindray charmed medical professionals from top-of-the-line hospitals worldwide.

The introduction of Mindray’s products and solutions radically enhances clinicians’ diagnostic confidence, simplifies daily workflow, and enables them to provide better healthcare.

A Year for Global Communication

As a leading medical solution provider, Mindray strives to become a platform that supports international communication. This year alone, Mindray has organized 460+ academic symposiums, forums and conferences, covering more than 30,000 global audiences from front-line medical experts to renowned academics.

On Oct 21, Mindray facilitated a high level research forum with the finest minds in anesthesiology at the Ether Dome

Top-notch experts sharing their insights at Mindray UIS Forum in Orlando

A Year for Disseminating Expertise

Medical expertise is key to healthcare. However, it is limited and precious. To envision more possibilities in healthcare, Mindray is devoted to bringing medical expertise to more people. On one hand, Mindray spares no efforts in bringing the latest medical knowledge and technologies to frontline medical practitioners. On the other hand, Mindray is also actively engaged in the education for medical students, enlightening bright young minds of future medical professionals.

Mindray partnered with pioneering OB/GYN ultrasound expert Dr. Philippe Jeanty for the fifth year to provide training for over 2000 local medical professionals.

Mindray high-performance ultrasound system DC-8 Exp became part of ultrasound students’ learning in Oregon Tech.

Mindray participated in the Immersion Day at Manuela Beltran University and closely interacted with future biomedical engineers.

A Year of Caring

As a leading medical solution provider, Mindray always feels sympathetic to those in need. The dedication of Mindray goes beyond commitment. To bring healthcare within reach for all humanity, Mindray has been actively involved in the betterment of health welfare around the world, in terms of donation, humanitarian aid or disaster relief.

Mindray high-end medical equipment donated to hospital in South Africa

Mindray partnered with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and provided patient monitors to the pediatric departments of 93 public hospitals in Poland.

A Year of Innovation

Innovation has always been a part of Mindray’s Brand DNA. Dedicated to enhancing medical expertise with innovative equipment and solutions, Mindray has been working on technological advancements to meet caregivers' clinical needs. This year, Mindray becomes the first Chinese company to receive List A CE mark for CLIA infectious diseases tests. Star products of Mindray also put on shining performances within global range. This year, Mindray announced that its new-generation ventilator SV800 has been officially released. Resona 7 ultrasound system powered the revolutionary Zone Intelligence continues to grow as a trusted helper for clinicians.

Mindray announced the CE certifications (List A) for its infectious diseases kits (CLIA) at the 13th National Laboratory Medicine Conference held in Hangzhou.

Mindray SV800 ventilator made its debut in Vienna, Austria.

Software-driven Zone Intelligence is evolving to provide a total solution to improve diagnostic confidence.

A Year of Shining on International Stage

As a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices, Mindray continues its outstanding performances on international stages. This year, Mindray showcased its comprehensive products portfolio at several major events for international healthcare, including MEDICA, Arab Health, Hospitalar and CMEF, attracting attention from global audiences. Meanwhile in professional congresses like RSNA, ECR, ESA and AACC, Mindray also made close interaction with the medical community.

The year of 2017 is drawing to an end, but the dedication and innovation of Mindray will continue. As a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices, Mindray has been and always will be dedicated to envisioning more possibilities in healthcare and making better healthcare solutions more accessible to humanity.