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What iF your patient monitor can be smart in both ways?

Mindray 2016-02-22

What if your patient monitor can show both more parameters and longer waveforms? Wouldn't it be nice to see all the information you need to make the right decision?

What if it is flexible and capable enough to fit into every department? Wouldn't it be nice to have consistent, reliable support in all sorts of clinical settings?

What if it is both a premium patient monitor and a handy PC? Wouldn't it be nice to access all the patient data and diagnosis support at your fingertips?

What one patient monitor can make all these come true?

BeneVision N22/N19 is the patient monitor that creates the future today. The "and" instead of "or" user experience is what Mindray R&D strives to achieve for clinicians. After more than three years' painstaking researching and studying of their clinical needs, we manage to make all the "what if"s into reality.


BeneVision N22/N19 is the world’s first rotatable bedside patient monitor. Its extra-large touchscreen rotates between landscape and portrait, providing clinicians with both higher and wider clinical views when patient care demands them.


BeneVision N22/N19 embraces simplicity from the outside to the inner core. With an ultra-slim profile, it fits into all sorts of clinical settings with maximum space efficiency.

The compact main unit and big screen can be used as a combined unit or separated to make use of the rotating screen feature.

The single-level menu user interface provides clinicians with intuitive interactive expereince, allowing them to focus more on patients.


BeneVision N22/N19 is a premium patient monitor in every aspect. Its parameter modularity design allows maximum flexibility in patientcare, making it a competent tool from general ward, ER, OR all the way to the highest level of critical care.

The iView combines an embedded PC module and the patient monitor in the same unit so that clinicians can easily access patients' medical imaging information and lab results, which maximizes diagnostic confidence.


True elegance of design is more than just a pretty face. BeneVision N22/N19 embraces beauty to every detail in order to create the best user experience. From its all-metal handle to the seamless ultra-large touchscreen, from its UI layout to the positioning of alarm, everything that's pretty to the eye comes from careful studies and analyses of clinical needs.

Aesthetics, taste, ease of use - all for the best user experience! Find out all the ingenius details of BeneVision N22/N19 in the video:

Winner of iF Design Award

Mindray's BeneVision N22/N19 Patient Monitor is announced winner of the internationally renowned iF DESIGN AWARD 2016, chosen for the coveted seal of excellence out of nearly 5,300 entries from over 2,400 participants in 53 countries. It is acknowledged by the 58-member jury of high-profile international experts for its revolutionary design that creates the future today.

About iF:

For over 60 years, the iF logo has been an internationally established symbol identifying outstanding achievements in design. The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the worldwide leading design awards and welcomes over 5,000 submissions from 70 countries every year.