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Mindray in Ghana: Better Healthcare More Accessible

Mindray 2019-02-28

On January 23, 2019, a conference room at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana was packed with medical professionals and mainstream media outlets from across the country. They were all eager and excited to witness the day when Korle Bu inaugurated its new laboratory. 

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The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is a leading national referral center in Ghana and the third largest hospital in Africa. Located in Accra, it is the only public tertiary hospital in the southern part of the country, with an average daily attendance of 1,500 patients and about 250 patient admissions.

The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is the third largest hospital in Africa, with more than 2,000 beds and 17 clinical and diagnostic departments/units. 

Dilemma of the Hundred-year-old Facility 

For years, Korle Bu had been facing a dilemma that made it hard to live up to its long-held reputation. Patients who visited Korle Bu were often referred to other private facilities to have their lab tests due to the breakdown of its own laboratory services. The outflow not only hurt the hospital’s revenue, but sometimes resulted in inaccurate test results and eventually wrong diagnosis, putting the lives of patients at risk.

But that has ended with the opening of a new laboratory at Korle Bu. 

End of Errors and Delays

In an effort to fully serve its purpose as the premier referral hospital in the country, Korle Bu entered into partnership with Mindray by introducing the SAL 6000 Modular System to the hospital, a high-performance automated serum analysis line by the company. The SAL 6000 integrates Mindray’s many years of innovative power in the field of chemistry and immunology. It can perform 2,000 chemistry & immunology tests a day and give reliable results in less than one hour, fully meeting the needs of high-volume health facilities like Korle Bu.


The SAL 6000 has been installed at Korle Bu’s new lab, and will be handling the lab’s chemistry & immunology tests. 

Watch the video to learn more about the SAL 6000.

Addressing the media at the inauguration of the new laboratory, Chief Executive Officer of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Dr. Daniel Asare said the installation of SAL 6000 marked a new dawn for both the hospital and its patients. "The Hospital will become a one-stop-shop; so now patients who come to Korle Bu requiring lab services will not have to be referred anywhere beyond here, " said Dr. Asare. 

CEO of Korle Bu, Dr. Asare, being interviewed by Ghana’s mainstream media outlets at the inauguration. 

Serving together with the SAL 6000 at Korle Bu’s new lab are Mindray’s other innovative diagnostics products, including the BC-6800 Auto Hematology Analyzer and the C3510 Auto Coagulation Analyzer. Mindray’s total laboratory solution will help deliver fast, reliable test results for those who come to Korle Bu for medical services. 

Mindray’s hematology analyzer BC-6800 (middle) the coagulation analyzer C3510 (right) joins the SAL 6000 to provide relible, total testing solution for the patients of Korle Bu.  

"Engineers have been trained by the professionals sent by Mindray. They will ensure the laboratory operates properly 24/7, " Dr. Asare said in an interview with Ghana’s top media outlets. He expressed his strong faith that the new lab would help restore Korle Bu’s premier position as the country’s leading healthcare provider. "Treatment will be fast, as Mindray’s equipment will give instant results which can be sent electronically to the medical doctor. This will also help improve the healthcare we deliver to our patients," he added. 

Partnership by Shared Mission

The partnership between the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and Mindray comes from the same mission the two parties share: to bring high-quality health care within reach. Driven by the mission, Korle Bu continues to be Ghana’s trailblazer on all medical fronts, introducing the most advanced medical innovations to help deliver the high-quality health services they are committed to. For Mindray, it’s the company’s commitment to constantly innovating and transforming advanced medical technologies into accessible solutions for all health facilities across the world. And that is why Mindray’s products and services can be found in over 190 countries and regions, be they health centers in Europe and America, or hospitals in Latin America and Africa like Korle Bu. 

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