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A Look Back at 2018: Moments of the Year

Mindray 2018-12-29
The year 2018 is coming to an end, and the bell of the New Year is going to ring. At this happy moment of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new, it's time to recap the year by commemorating the important moments that have made 2018 unforgettable.

Mindray, in 2018, has explored more about ourselves and made great breakthroughs. Again, we redefine who Mindray is.

In 2018, a wide range of global recognition from professional media and institutions has been given to Mindray for its outstanding achievements and rapid growth. The innovative technology and high quality embodied in the products have also gained positive feedback from the industry.

Mindray made the 2018 BCG Global 100 Challengers List which marks the fourth time Mindray has been on this list. Mr. Cheng Minghe, President of Mindray, gave remarks in the roundtable discussion of the 2018 Global Challengers Press Conference.

Mindray's high-end intelligent ventilator SV800/600 was awarded 2018 IF Design Award.

Mindray was officially certified two more international standards – ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety System.

The year 2018 is a year of innovation. With clinical insight, Mindray proactively carries out innovation, better responding to clinical needs and solving the problems encountered in today's medical system. A series of new products and new technologies were released this year.

The game changer of transport patient monitor, BeneVision N1 Patient Monitor was launched in 2018.

The CL-900i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System--one of the world's smallest, fully automated CLIA analyzers--was launched in 2018.

With keen insight into clinical needs, and powered by cutting-edge technologies, X-Insight, an insightful ultrasound solution, was born in 2018.

The eSpacial NaviTM 4D magnetic needle navigation technology, which successfully breaks the barriers of the traditional method and sets a new benchmark for ultrasound guidance, was released in 2018.

With the vision of "Better healthcare for all", Mindray takes it as its responsibility to bring medical expertise to more people. Exchanges on medical knowledge and technologies, we believe, will help accelerate the development of healthcare industry and make the world better. Mindray has been dedicated to this cause and will always take it as an enduring undertaking.

The third International Clinical Engineering Forum for Innovation and Development (ICEF) was held in Shanghai on April 10. As the co-organizer, Mindray invited overseas experts to share ideas on clinical engineering.

Mindray held the Cytomorphometery Unveiling Blood Evaluation (CUBE) in New Delhi, India in April, a high-level academic forum discussing complete blood counts and Mindray's SF cube 3D analysis technology in hematology.

The 12th Congress of Chinese Society of Critical Care Medicine (CSCCM 2018) was held in Hangzhou on May 17-20.

At the 4th China Clinical Laboratory Technology and Application Annual Meeting & "Belt & Road" Diagnostic Summit held in Suzhou on July 20-22, Mindray sponsored a Eurasian Laboratory Medicine Forum, inviting experts from Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan to share the latest developments in laboratory medicine.

The third Mindray European Resona Club meeting kicked off in Athens in November.

The 15th Asian Australasian Congress of Anesthesiologists (AACA) and the 26th Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Anesthesiology (CSA) were held in Beijing on November 1-5.

   The first Asian Hospital Innovation and Development Forum was held in Shanghai on November 17-18. As the supporter of the forum, Mindray invited top-tier experts from overseas to share their medical insight.

Mindray organized an International Exchange Program on Hematology in November, inviting 16 medical experts from Europe and India to Mindray headquarters to discuss the most relevant topics on laboratory hematology.

Mindray organized the first SYSU-Mindray International Training as a pioneer of the Belt and Road Advanced Ultrasound Development Program in the First Affiliated Hospital, SUN YAT-SEN University in December.

In today's demanding hospital environment, new clinical challenges emerge one after another. To respond to clinical needs brought by these challenges, Mindray stands closely together with caregivers and listens to their voice wholeheartedly. The clinical insight can thus be fully acquired and with joint efforts, more inspirations are born to solve the real medical difficulties.

Staying tuned to local customers' needs, Mindray is empowered to offer tailored innovations for the local market. With accessible solutions which meet local demand, Mindray has established the partnership with multiple local hospitals in different regions.

Mindray's Patient Monitoring & Life Support solutions are serving AZ Alma Eeklo Hospital, an advanced private hospital in Belgium.

Mindray's CAL 8000 Cellular Analysis Line is helping caregivers to deliver efficient, optimal diagnosis at the Hospital Center of Libourne, France.

Out of the 20 best US medical institutions 2017-2018, 19 are equipped with Mindray ultrasound solutions.

International stages are important windows for Mindray to advance the latest medical innovations and make them accessible to customers. This year, Mindray showcased a comprehensive products portfolio at major global events, sharing medical technologies and innovations with customers from the world over.

With the mission to "advance medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible", Mindray takes its responsibility as a positive global corporate citizen. Mindray has actively cooperated with wide ranges of organizations to engage in social responsibility campaigns to offer both devices and training sessions to those in need.

Mindray is once again picked as the exclusive supplier for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC), the biggest non-governmental charity organization in Poland. Over 100 Neonatology in public hospitals will be equipped with Mindray ultrasound systems.

Mindray's BeneHeart D1 supports Australia Restart Heart Day.

Mindray has donated over 1,000 BeneHeart D1 so far in China. Mindray also offered emergency rescue training to over 20,000 people and has saved more than 10 lives with BeneHeart D1 just in 2018.

Mindray's devices support the disaster relief and recovery efforts in Indonesia.

Mindray was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on October 16, 2018.

An ancient saying goes, "the world moves on in a never-ending process of the new replacing the old." As one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions, Mindray will spare no efforts to make greater strides in the upcoming new year and stay brave to make more new breakthroughs, bringing better healthcare for all.