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Euroanaesthesia 2020 Virtual Congress

November 28-30, 2020

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Mindray's brand-new A9/A8 anesthesia system debuted on October 15, 2020.
Explore and see how it brings All-round Safety!
A9 Anesthesia Machine
All-round Safety
  • Enhanced patient safety

  • Exceptional user experience

  • A green operating room

  • Voice of Customer

    Dr. Joselito Morete,

    Board Member of Philippines Society

    of Anesthesiologist

    Dr. Cesare Gregoretti,

    Chief of General ICU, Italy

    Dr. Javier Silva Garcia,

    Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Spain

    Dr. Yehia Khater,

    Former President of PAFSA

Meet the Experts
  • November 28
    10:00-10:25 CET

  • November 29
    10:00-10:25 CET

  • November 30
    10:00-10:10 CET

    • Automatic Controlled Anesthesia

      Gijsbert Stavast

      Anesthesia Business Manager, Mindray Europe

    • High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) Oxygen in Anaesthesia

      David Alonso Chacón

      Clinical Marketing Manager of PMLS, Mindray Europe

    • Transpulmonary Pressure Monitoring

      Kay Krueger

      Ventilation Business Manager, Mindray Europe

    • AMV Mode in Anesthesia and Ventilation

      Ludwid Rey

      Anesthesia and Ventilation Product Manager, Mindray Europe

    • Does it make sense to measure Transpulmonary Pressure during general Anesthesia

      Prof. Jan-Florian Heuer

      Director of the Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Pain Management, Augusta Clinics, Bochum, Germany

    • Does it make sense to measure Transpulmonary Pressure during general Anesthesia

      Prof. Jan-Florian Heuer

  • The role of being an anesthesiologist
    Prof. Benjamin Daniel S. Valera
  • How do medical technologies ensure patient safety in anesthesia?
    Prof. Maria Minerva Calimag
  • What is important for anesthesia management?
    Dr. Syed Sulman Ali Shah
  • The past and the present of anesthesia
    Prof. Ibrahim Abdelghani Ramadan
Product Highlights
  • A9 Anesthesia System Product Video

  • High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) of A9 Anesthesia System

  • Volume Exchange of the A9 Anesthesia System

  • Outstanding Reliability of BeneVision N1

  • BeneFusion n Series Infusion System: 7'' Capacitive Touch Screen

  • BeneFusion n Series Infusion System: What is SmartRapid?

  • ME8 Ultrasound System Product Launch

  • Mindray eSpacial Navi Teaching Video

  • more >
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