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Mindray ultrasound provides comprehensive General Imaging applications for more precise diagnosis and treatment, enabling you enhanced confidence for better patient care.

Meet the Experts and access clinical insights

Advanced technologies such as CEUS and enhanced quantification measurement are strong supportive features in providing accurate diagnostic evidence for doctors. In collaboration with experts from Italy and China, Mindray is presenting the following webinars on updates in CEUS. Click the links below to connect!

  • Clinical Insights on Low-Dose Contrast Media Examination

    Prof. Fabrizio Calliada

    Mar.1 20:00-20:20(China) 13:00-13:20(CET)

  • Updates on CEUS for Thyroid Nodules Diagnosis and Thermal Ablation Therapy

    Prof. Huang Pintong

    Mar.1 20:20-21:00(China) 13:20-14:00(CET)

  • High frame rate CEUS & interventional approaches in liver care

    Dr. Francesco Giangregorio

    Mar.2 20:00-20:25(China) 13:00-13:25(CET)

  • Value of high frame rate CEUS in differentiation diagnosis of gallbladder polyps

    Dr. Fei Xiang

    Mar.2 20:25-21:05(China) 13:25-14:05(CET)

Live Demo is ready for you!

Join our in-depth demonstration of Mindray solutions and products! Mindray professionals will be online to answer your questions and provide all the supports you need.

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Ultrasound-guided Interventional Procedures in the MSK System

Watch Replay

Examination Protocol and Diagnosis Strategy of CEUS in Carotid Artery Plaque

Watch Replay

Insight with Power and Mobility -Mobile Radiography System live Introduction

Watch Replay

Examination Protocol and Diagnosis Strategy of CEUS in Breast

Watch Replay

How CLEAR can you see a liver?

UltraSync Remote Guidance

Mindray Tele-Ultrasound Solution

  Support real-time and offline scanning guidance
  Standard guidance for novice
  Data support at anytime and anywhere

New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation

Resona 7

  Advanced acoustic acquisition
  Dynamic pixel focusing
  Sound speed compensation
  Enhanced channel data processing
  Total recall imaging

  Learn More

Innovation, in every facet

Resona I9

  Infinite imaging solutions powered by ZST+
  Unlimited scanning flexibility
  Advanced diagnosis with innovations
  Thoughtful design for extreme convenience

Care with less Stethoscope, more Ultrasound?

Dedicated Portable Ultrasound System


  Convenient and agile mobility
  Intuitive interface
  Trustworthy imaging
  Dedicated and professional solutions

  Learn More

Dedicated Portable Ultrasound System


  Critical Care Application
  Emergency Care Application
  Anesthesia Application

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UltraSync Remote Diagnosis

Mindray Tele-Ultrasound Solution

  Provide quality images in real-time
  Support POCUS diagnosis and first aid ultrasound diagnosis
  Easy and flexible network connection
  Data support at anytime and anywhere

How to use ONLY one ultrasound for Fusion?

A new leap for precision ultrasound

Resona R9

  Innovative tools enabling precise intervention
  Glazing Flow
  A new level of image clarity

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What does it mean to improve health care for MORE?

Scanning with Exceptional Cpability

DC-40 Ultrasound System

  Higher imaging definition
  Better ergonomic design
  Reliable Performance

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UltraSync Learning and Training

Mindray Tele-Ultrasound Solution

  Support online learning and training
  Online course library including clinical image gallery , operation manuals and training videos

A new level of mobile X-ray imaging

Digital Radiography System

DigiEye 280

  Radiography Made Easy
  Flexible and Efficient Positioning
  Portable Detector to Meet all Clinical Applications
  Advanced Technologies Bring Excellent Image Quality
  Multi-functional Operator Console

  Learn More

Insight with Power and Mobility

MobiEye 700

  Unique bionic-arm offers maximum position flexibility in challenging clinical scenarios
  Wireless FPD with high image quality
  Long battery life enables intensive using in ICU/CCU/Infection quarantine area
  Slim & light design, electric assisted driving, easily covering entire hospital range

  Learn More

Clinical Images

Liver Mass with HD Scope
Hyperplasia Of Mammary Glands
CEUS of Hepatic Hemangioma
CEUS TIC of Breast Carcinoma
Strain Elastography of Breast Mass
STE of Breast Carcinoma
STE of Liver Cirrhosis
Glazing Flow of Renal Artery
CDFI of Carotid Artery
Cardiac Pulmonary Regurgitation
Cardiac HCM

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