The M-Connect IT solution provides a universal centric monitoring platform, which seamlessly integrates medical devices together, using a standard interface to connect with the 3rd party information system. It can optimize clinical workflow, improve efficiency, bring order to complicated tasks, help clinicians easily cope with the various challenges they face, saving time and in turn saving lives.

M-Connect IT Solutions

  • M-Connect IT Solution

    Hospitals today balance ever-increasing demand with a desire for greater efficiency and improved patient care. A connected workflow uses the full power of patient monitoring to offer a truly efficient system of care, allowing you to allocate staff resources where they are needed most.

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  • M-Connect IT Solution for ICU

    The ICU is the last defense in saving lives. There are a great many challenges that caregivers have to meet everyday. The complexity of the patients' situation, heavy workload, a fast emergency response, and medication management difficulties - all of these lead to huge risks to patient safety.

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  • M-Connect IT Solution for OR

    Responding to a patient's reactions to anesthesia requires precision, foresight and a great deal of monitoring data, all of which are supported by a connected workflow. Anesthetists must balance a range of parameters simultaneously, without interruption and in coordination with the wider clinical team.

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  • M-Connect IT Solution for CCU

    As the greatest threat to human health, cardiovascular diseases require complex procedures and intensive , high-pressure workloads from clinicians. A connected workflow can help analyses and treat patients more effectively, boosting clinical confidence during these critical procedures.

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  • M-Connect IT Solution for ER

    Time is the most critical resource in an emergency department and it should be saved wherever possible. A connected workflow helps analyses and priorities patients more quickly, alleviating pressure on busy clinicians and emergency medical personnel to ultimately reduce the risk for patients.

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  • Cybersecurity

    Mindray builds and promotes deeply-embedded partnerships with our customers to assist in driving the adoption and implementation of IT strategies and tactics that will proactively mitigate cybersecurity risk. Cybersecurity and PHI (Protected Health Information) remain the key focus of M-Connect IT solution.

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