Emergency Care

As the initial point of contact with a patient, emergency care poses particular challenges to hospitals:

·Providing first-aid in non-clinical environments;

·Moving high-acuity patients to the hospital under time pressure;

·Admitting patients to the ER while maintaining efficient communication with all stakeholders.

These might be just a few of the many difficult challenges you may face. Mindray's Emergency Care Solution addresses these challenges through a systemic approach.

The solution covers the entire emergency care process from pre-hospital rescue, ambulance transport and ER treatment to in-hospital transfer. The integration of automated and manual defibrillators, patient monitors and various information management systems supports clinicians at all points of care and guarantees the integrity and continuity of patient data.

Mindray's Emergency Care Solution is built around PHEIS, our Pre- Hospital Emergency Information System. PHEIS allows the clinician to be involved in the rescue right from the beginning by sharing real-time patient information between ambulance and hospital.

Mindray's Emergency Care Solution improves the communication flow and work efficiency, saving valuable time and lives.


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