Video Solutions

Video Solutions

Beyond helping guide the surgeon’s work in the OR, the camera system integrated with surgical lights also serves as a platform for medical research, teaching communication and video documenting.

Flexible Modular Design

Simplied installation process: reducing the time required for installation

Upgrading achieved without changing the existing surgical environment

Seamless integration with needed tools

Superior Infection Control

The construction of laminar ow remains unchanged during installation

Medical antibacterial powder coating eliminates the growth of staphylococcus aureus

Multiple Upgrading Options

Single display

Two displays

Single display with Full HD/4K camera arm

Digital Video Recorder

Supporting external USB storage device

Supporting HDMI/YPbPr/HD-SDI/DVI-D/VGA input signal

Default with camera control function

Supporting video recording from other medical devices source

Wireless Camera 5GHz WDHI

Wireless brings infinite flexibility


Wall control

Touch screen control

Touch keypad control


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