HyPixel™ U1

HyPixel TM U1
4K Endoscope Camera System
Simply Clear
4K Resolution
Deliver ultra-high-definition image with 3840×2160 resolution.
Wide Color Gamut
Restore the organs and tissues in real color, perfect identification of blood vessels, lymph nodes and nerves.
3-200mm Depth of Field
Focus remains clear while switching between multiple operating scenes.
55 inch Immersive Experience
The surgical image is enlarged without reducing the resolution, so that the details are no longer small, and the doctor's visual fatigue is reduced.
Built-in USB Recording
The built-in USB recordinging starts with oneclick, and the high-quality video will be saved as Full HD version as predefined.
With bookmark function, it is convenient for video record review and post-editing.
Trolley TITAN
Can support a 55 inch large screen and camera system to meet common surgical needs. The innovative structural design ensures convenient and stable moving.
Cable Management
The camera cup holder combined with the cable hook makes storage and management easier.
7 inch Touch Panel
The important information is available at a glance. The main functions are available with only one touch of the panel, and a 10° tilt up screen is easier for observation.

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