The eGateway seamlessly incorporates the data from as many as 200 Mindray patient monitors and then acts as a “single pipe”, channeling patient data efficiently into the electronic medical record. This EMR communication is achieved through the utilization of the open HL7 protocol and a configuration engine which efficiently and cost effectively populates the electronic medical record.

Flexible, Fast and Low-cost Access to the Existing Network

eGateway features an open protocol and complies with equipment interconnection standards, supporting a quick connection to existing networks and maximum flexibility to adapt to a variety of information application system.

Simple and Efficient

Through eGateway, the Hospital Information System can quickly access and integrate patient monitoring data, making the work for clinicians simpler and more efficient.

Timely Response and Treatment

The Mindray eGateway is the critical link between the Mindray Patient Monitor and the Electronic Medical Record. Clinicians, fortified with up to the minute patient monitor information, can quickly assess patient status and deliver the best course of care. The eGateway provides timely, accurate patient monitor statistics for informed clinical decision making.

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