BeneVision™ TM80

More care, more confidence

  • In the corridor
  • Patient transport
  • Outdoor
  • In the bathroom
Compact, powerful, durable and easy to use, the BeneVision TM80 is designed to satisfy telemetry clinical needs in various hospital settings, such as on the move, during the transport, outside the unit, or even in the bathroom.

No bigger than a smart phone, the BeneVision TM80 makes it possible for caregivers to care for ambulatory patients within a wireless network. It helps greatly improve the patient’s safety and the caregiver’s work efficiency.

MWAN technology for enhanced patient safety

Mindray has developed the MWAN, the industry-leading wireless technology, to reduce connection drop-outs to a minimum and ensure that patients are always monitored and safer than ever. With a reliable and robust wireless connection, the BeneVision TM80 is confident in taking the lead to provide safe and continuous monitoring for ambulatory patients.

Multi-parameter monitoring for better patient experience

The BeneVision TM80 is a smart telemetry patient monitor, providing accurate and uninterrupted measurements of ECG, Respiration, SPO2 and NIBP in real-time. No need to be anchored to the bed, patients will enjoy a better and safer experience with the BeneVision TM80.


  • 3/5/6-lead ECG
  • Multi-lead sync calculation
  • 25 arrhythmia types
  • ST/ST Template
  • Real time QT/QTc


  • Impedance algorithm


  • Plug & play SpO2
  • Perfusion Index
  • Washable SpO2 sensor


Paired with the BP10 module through MPAN (Mindray Paring Area Network), the BeneVision TM80 helps caregivers monitor and manage patient’s blood pressure (BP) accurately while the patient is moving.

Streamline your workflow

The BeneVision TM80 supports bi-directional communication with the Central Station, which helps streamline the clinical workflow, and thus saves time and improves efficiency. The rotatable screen displays a longer ECG waveform in landscape mode and a larger number of vital signs in portrait mode, making the patient’s information readily available for caregivers with an easy control.
The Device Location feature can help hospitals find any missing BeneVision TM80 devices and locate their patients easily. The built-in alarm will activate when patients walk out of the defined network range.

*  Mindray provides 3 options of SpO2 measurement, Mindray, Masimo and Nellcor. For further information about the availability of Masimo and Nellcor SpO2, please contact your local sales representatives.


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