The BC-5390 is a 5-part Auto Hematology Analyzer that delivers high productivity, better accuracy and improved patient care, without sacrificing your budget. The analyzer utilizes the power of three mainstream technologies: laser scatter, flow cytometry, and chemical dye, to provide more accurate clinical information. The BC-5390 has been approved by FDA.


Robust capacity and functionality

Its throughput of 60 samples per hour saves your time, and the capacity of 40 autoloading tubes can extend your walk-away time.

More reliable test result

The new reagent, with better anti-aging capacity, helps better differentiate Eosinophils from Neutrophils in the DIFF scattergram, even on samples with high density of Eosinophils. The analyzer is empowered by the fluid sensing technology to detect clot, bubble and insufficient sample, ensuring accurate sample aspiration.

Flexible sample aspiration

With different holder adapters, the analyzer supports three analysis modes - venous whole blood mode, pre-diluted mode and capillary whole blood mode.

More user-friendly interface

The BC-5390 is equipped with the same software as that of Mindray BC-6800 and BC-5000/5150, offering more pleasant operational experience.


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