Introducing the new safety

High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC)

HFNC can extend the safe apnoeic oxygenation time to 30min during induction. It helps clinicians intubate more easily, especially for patients with poor oxygen saturation such as bariatric, pediatric, critical ill or difficult airway.

Safe low flow by clinical assist toolkit

Plug-and-play Multi-Gas modules provides comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of FiO2, EtO2, CO2, N2O, and auto-detection of five anesthetic agents, as well as BIS and NMT.

The Prediction feature helps clinicians predict the status of FiAA and EtAA for the next 20 minutes, as well as trace the status in the past 10 minutes. A full time trend of AA is available with MAC value.

Protective ventilation

Transpulmonary pressure monitoring: independent monitoring for esophageal pressure, to support customized ventilation settings for individual patient.

Lung Recruitment Tool: stepwise PEEP and sustained inflation are provided as two optional maneuvers.

TV/IBW indicator: TV/IBW can be calculated as the TV changes, which offers clinicians clear hint of appropriate tidal volume settings to avoid barotrauma.

Less is more

Automatic system check

Checking various parts automatically to ensure proper functioning, with graphic display of error correction.

All checks completed in 3.5 minutes; and scheduled system check to save preparation time.

A clearer and brighter workspace

Clear system status indicators provide clear prompts for certain scenarios to allow easy viewing of the current working mode, and help address malfunctions quickly.

Illumination around APL valve in manual mode, and adjustable lighting for workspace in low light environments.

Customized profiles

Configuration profiles can be customized and loaded easily for different clinical scenarios or use requirements, including default values, screen layout and system configuration.

For a green operating room

The A8 anesthesia system employs anesthesia gas reduction strategy during surgery to create a better working environment for surgical staff and save anesthetic agent costs.


A series of clinical decision-support tools including Optimizer, AA Prediction and ACA, can advise clinicians of the lower fresh gas flow.

e-AGSS system

e-AGSS monitors the scavenging flow rate and indicates abnormalities; automatically switches off when in standby to reduce energy consumption.

Integration and connectivity

Highly flexible integration options allow the A9 to work together with a variety of Mindray devices as well as multiple information systems, to meet diverse clinical needs and streamline clinical workflow.


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