Vetus 8


Animals are the closest friends and most trusted partners of human beings. Mindray has always been devoted to exploring the dedicated diagnostic imaging solutions for veterinary needs. Starting a new phase in ultrasound imaging, Mindray rolls out the brand new Vetus series to provide professional veterinary solutions catering to a wide variety of species ranging from small pets to large farm animals.

Vetus 8, the premium veterinary ultrasound imaging system, adopts the most cutting-edge ultrasound technology to provide quality images according to different animal species. Moreover, packaged with the simple workflow, dedicated design and complete veterinary solution make it the ideal ultrasound system for your everyday practice.

Quality images

· Professional veterinary image presets according to different animals’ body characteristics (canine, feline, equine, bovine, ovine, etc.), support customized species.
· Subdividing different animal species by weight and body size for precise diagnosis (e.g. small dog, medium dog, large dog).
· 23.8 inch High Definition LED monitor with 1920×1080 resolution provides clear tissue details for the precise diagnose.

Easy Workflow

· Quick switch of transducers and exam modes in the same interface within 1 second.
· Enable one click to switch to the frequently-used modes on the touch screen.
· Concise UI deign, only associated menu options interfaced for clear procedure.
· Dedicated animal information system support fast exam creating and animal sterilization management.
· Volume control, the volume of PW/CW/TDI is off by default to avoid frightening the pets.

Powerful Intelligent Tools
· Auto measuring tools: Auto PW, Auto CW, Auto EF help to maximize the productivity of accurate scanning with ease.
· Automated workflow procedure help to guide the abdomen and cardiology ultrasound scanning.


Mindray’s unique Veterinary Information Management System enables you to integrate, review, archive and retrieve all data effectively.


Improve image quality based on auto structure detection.
· Better contrast resolution
· Clearer and sharper tissue border definition


iTouch is an auto image optimization solution with one touch, which is able to optimize the imaging quality automatically in B/PW mode.

Easy Data management: A Flexible Way to Connect Vetus 8


Directly transfers veterinary images and reports to PC via wired or wireless network.


Interactive App that could transfer clinical images/cines and reports to your smart devices via WiFiSupport both IOS and Android powered devices

Ergonomics dedicated for veterinary practice

· 23.8’’ high definition LED monitor, 180-degree rotation
· 13.3’’ anti-glare touch screen, 30-degree rotation, support multi gesture
· Dual-Wing floating monitor supporting arm, move anywhere you want
· Anti-dirty control panel, rotatable & height adjustable
· Sliding keyboard with designed silicon cover
· 5 active smart transducer sockets with easy lock design
· High capacity battery for standby mode, keep the image data always safe
· Transducer cable management help keep cables off the ground
· Stable wheels with small footprint, 360° rotation

Clinical Images


Canine Kidney


Color M mode of Canine Heart


Feline Bladder


Feline Liver


Hepatic Flow Feline


Long Axis View of Canine Heart


TDI QA of Canine Heart


TVD of Canine Heart


TVM of Canine Heart

Professional veterinary solutions

Small animal solution
Feline, small-sized canine and exotic small animals

  • C11-3s
    Micro-Convex transducer for abdominal scanning and basic cardiology in cats, small dogs, and exotic animals

  • L12-4s
    High frequency linear array transducer

  • P8-2s
    Mid/high-frequency phased array for mid and small-sized species

  • P10-4s
    High-frequency phased array for small-sized species

Large Animal Solution
Big-sized canine, equine, bovine, ovine and exotic big animals

  • 6LE5Vs
    Intrarectal linear array transducer for equine and farm animal reproduction exam

  • C6-2s
    Convex array transducer for abdominal and reproduction scanning in big animals

  • P4-2s
    Low-frequency phased array transducer for medium-sized & large species

*More transducers can be supported, please contact Mindray for further details.

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