· It's standalone modular monitoring with 19" touchscreen.
· It’s very compact transport monitoring.It’s wireless mobile monitoring.
· It’s plug and play MPM module.·It’s companion monitoring with your bedside monitor.
· The TDS solution combines magic things to reinvent your adaptive care.
· It’s all you need for patient monitoring to adapt the changes day to day.

TDS handle/module rack

The TDS handle combines the flexibility of a handle and a BeneView module rack together. The plug and play EtCO2 and PiCCO2 extension modules function with T1 during transport.

BeneView T1 MPM module/transport monitor

BeneView T1 combines the MPM module and transport monitor together. It’s capable of plug and play with BeneView host monitors directly. T1 provides 5” touchscreen, 5 hours battery and built-in wireless network

TDS Docking Station

The TDS docking station provides quick plug & dock as well as I/O extension for BeneView T1 or TDS handle. The magic flexibility guarantees better adaptive care.

BeneView companion mode

The TDS Docking Station connects with any host BeneView monitor in companion mode. The patient is monitored on both devices simultaneously. Simply undock the TDS handle or T1 whenever patient transfer is required.

BeneView plug-in modules

The TDS handle is compatible with BeneView sidestream, mainstream and Microstream EtCO2 modules as well as the PiCCO module. Plug and play extension modules quickly adapt monitoring capability and flexibility whenever and wherever required.

*  Mindray provides 3 options of SpO2 measurement, Mindray, Masimo and Nellcor. For further information about the availability of Masimo and Nellcor SpO2, please contact your local sales representatives.

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