TDR-300B Plus Microorganism Analysis System

The TDR-300B Plus Microorganism System provides accurate identification and susceptibility results for most clinical important Enterobactereia、Non-Fermentative、Staphylococcus、Streptococcus、Enterococcus、Fastidious bacteria and yeast-like fungi, as well as vibrionaceae、corneybacterium and anaerobes

· Bacteria growth determined using colorimetry-matrix technology and turbidity development
· Combo ID&AST test card/AST test card/ID test card
· Multidrug-resistance bacteria monitoring, including ESBL, CRE, MRSA, VRSA, VRE, PRSP, etc.
· Quantitative MIC tests based on microbroth dilution method
· Timely database updated in accordance with latest CLSI/EUCAST


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